Iguana Hats, Chupacabras, Yetis & Recovering Alchoholics – S on Bones 6×18 “The Truth in the Myth”

We open in a beautiful forest with sun spots and fall colours into the middle of first date with a couple who met online. Of all the things about Bones that I haven’t liked these days, the visuals are not something I’m complaining about. It’s a little funny that in a show that also often focuses on getting extra gory and gross we’re also often treated to so many amazingly beautiful shots of nature, they’re always so well done as well.

Am I sensing a trend where supporting and guest character of increasingly obsessive weirdness are being paraded through Bones scripts? It feels like we’re treated to strange people to mirror Brennan’s own obsessiveness. I kind of like it, the cartoony nature of some of these people is important in maintaining the strangely lighthearted tone of most Bones episodes, even when we’re dealing with some pretty grisly murders.

I’m not sure which of the couple was weirder, the man who was obsessed with butterflies, or the girl who ravaged him and hardly seemed phased when the swarm of butterflies dispersed to reveal a decomposing corpse.

After last week’s obsessive podiatrist and medical examiner-to-be/murdererer is it strange for me to sense a theme?

Makes me realize in all this analyzing of the other crazy characters how similar to Brennan Hogins can be in his own field. He’s a million times more empathetic and in tune with pop culture and sayings – however, although when he gets so absorbed in his work he often misses a lot of social cues.

This week he’s so busy focusing on facts and studies and not realizing he’s calling his beautiful pregnant wife fat. It also seemed like he didn’t care about Nigel’s 12-Step Program confession that he had been telling people he slept with Angela… or so we thought Hogins took his time exacted revenge when he tricked Nigel Murray with the classic shoe polish on the microscope gag. Very cute -very Hogins.

Anyway, the story this week revolved around the murder of TV personality and host of Myth Killers who was murdered while attempting to debunk the myth of The Chupacabra. As usual the actual case of the week isn’t as important as how it relates to our main characters.

Brennan doesn’t believe in anything that can be proven while Booth takes this opportunity to push Brennan and see how she reacts to this seemingly impossible creature. I love the look and mannerisms Bones takes on when she is confronted with something she cannot immediately explain, she looks simultaneously frustrated, annoyed and incredibly determined to find the rational explanation.
Booth must take great pleasure in this too because he doesn’t stop poking at the possibility of the unexplained the entire hour. He takes it up a notch by playing with her trust in him based on purely his word, a concept she is understands but is weary of.

I’m confused
Me too, and I don’t like the feeling

I loved Booth’s yeti story. The way he told it in such a matter a fact sort of way was brilliant, I wanted to hear more. This story played well between them over the course of the episode. Of course Bones went to great length to find scientific proof that Booth’s story could be in fact correct, she wanted to believe him but refused to believe in a fictional character.

I didn’t expect to have to wait until the end of the hour for the payoff, but it was completely worth it. It made me wonder too if he was telling the truth, that he did see something unexplained or just messing with him. Did you believe him? Or know it was just fiction right away?

I’m impressed that you were able to get my iguana to stay on top of your head

What Brennan does with her eyes as Nigel Murray is apologizing for the iguana hat and the rumour he spread about sleeping with her is priceless as she determines the absurdity of the rumour he started. She decides that his friends must be very gullible to believe that she would sleep with him.

It appears that I’ve hurt your feelings good catch Brennan – you’re getting the hang of this thing

As to how Mr. Murray managed to wear the iguana as a hat
I’m clever with ribbons

Sweets took a notable role doing much more of the interviewing than he normally does. I dig him in the interview room, and I like to see how he’s progressing into a much more confident professional than where he started as a more timid young person who had to constantly fight to prove himself.

A Few Other Things:

  • The animal psychiatrist
  • Brennan ‘s complete undressing of the crypto-zoologist on his own cable access show – did she learn nothing from the fiasco with Dr. Filmore last week?
  • Another awesome driving scene between Booth & Brennan, they’re always the tops

Good go of it John Francis Daly! I like that he focused more on a fun case and interactions in the lab than the angst of the constant will they won’t they of Booth/Bones. What do you think should he get back to writing more scripts now that Bones has another season on the go?


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