Outlander Episode 9 “The Reckoning” – H’s Continuing Thoughts on Adaptation and S on the Art of a Good Apology

It feels like it’s been a long wait since the first half of Outlander’s first season wrapped up last fall. Certainly there’s been a lot of anticipation to return to our favourite protagonist, Claire Beauchamp-Randall-Fraser, and her highland adventures–not least from this particular viewer. I may have had reservations when the show first began, based on my experiences reading the book by Diana Gabaldon, but the series soon won me over thanks to stunning scenery, some marvellous acting from series lead Caitriona Balfe, and a few minor tweaks to the original material that seem to have balanced pleasing the book fans while also pleasing those more critical people like me.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television

(Warning for discussions of rape and abuse under the cut. Also contains spoilers for “The Reckoning” and book talk)
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Playing Spot the Differences with Outlander Key Art


The second half of Outlander season 2 is coming up in the next few weeks and Claire, our bad ass time travelling heroine, has been through a hell of a lot in the first half season alone. Based on the cliffhanger we’ve been left on we can expect there’s a lot more to come.

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New 2-Minute Outlander Trailer Shows Claire Kicking Ass

caitriona-balfe as claire randall in outlander

Based on the 2-minute Outlander trailer provided by Showcase and a little dose of head!canon, I’m inclined to believe that Season 1b of Outlander consists of Claire getting all bad ass, making lady-friends, lady-enemies, other enemies as a bad ass bitch like Claire will do, and setting off on a quest to save her pretty new husband resulting in a painful and also steamy reunion.  Continue reading

H’s Confession Time: an Outlander review

This post does contain some spoilers for the first two episodes of Starz’s Outlander, as well as some references to the events that take place in the book.


So first things first, I have to make a confession: I hated Outlander.

Perhaps a weird place to start for a post all about the brand new and long-anticipated Starz series, currently airing on Showcase in Canada (Sundays at 10 pm), but bear with me a while and I think you’ll understand what I mean.

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Outlander Premiere: Claire Randall, Grown Ass Woman, Time Traveler

Outlander - CAITRIONA BALFE as Claire Randall

*** Notes and Spoiler Warning: S writes this post coming at Outlander cold. As in, not a book reader (We do have a book reader review for you too, right here). If you don’t know the premise of the show, then you’ll be spoiled for episode one, but really?!?! ***

If you’re going to take away one thing from the Outlander premiere, the thing that’s really going to carry you into the next episode, it’s Claire Randall, grown ass, actual adult woman. Claire was a combat nurse in WWII and is attempting to get back into the swing of civilian life on a second honeymoon with her husband in Scotland when a little exploration leads to some pretty major time travel.

If you need two things, there’s also the beauty of Jamie (played by actual Scotsman Sam Heughan), and the beauty of actual Scotland, the gorgeous landscape of which is showcased throughout the episode. Continue reading