Agent Carter Season One: Recap Rundown

Agent Carter Season One Hayley Atwell ABC/CTV

We at The Viewing Party are so psyched for Agent Carter season two  next week. We’re planning the menu and breaking out our Peggy Carter nail polish to celebrate the occasion properly.

In the meantime, now is a good time to refresh yourself with season one (or catch up for the first time – we won’t tell) and catch up with Sara’s season one recaps over at The Televixen! With only 8 episodes it’s a breeze to get back into tip top shape for our fave SSR Agent.

Episode One & Two: “This is Not The End” and “Bridge & Tunnel”

agent-carter-102bridge and tunnel this is not the end peggy carter hayley atwell edwin jarvis james d'arcy

Episode Three: “Time & Tide”

agent carter 1x03 time and tide peggy carter hayley atwell james d'arcy edwin jarvis

Episode Four: “The Blitzkrieg Button”

agent-carter-104 the blitzkreig button peggy carter hayley atwell dominic cooper howard stark

Episode Five: “The Iron Ceiling”

agent carter the iron ceiling hayley atwell peggy carter Neal McDonough  dum dum dugan

Episode Six: “A Sin to Err”

agent-carter-106 a sin to err peggy carter hayley atwell

Episode Seven: “SNAFU”

Agent Carter 1x07 SNAFU Peggy Carter Hayley Atwell James D'arcy edwin jarvis

Episode Eight Season One Finale: “Valediction”

agent-carter-108 season one finale valediction peggy carter hayley atwell

Thanks for reading & happy viewing! Share your favourite moments of season one in the comments & let us know how you’re getting ready for season 2!



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