Comedy Quickies – April 20/21 Cougar Town Returns, plus Modern Family, Happy Endings, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock & more

A quick round-up of this week’s Comedy’s. B is off this week so it’s just me, but don’t worry we’ll have him back ASAP to bring his snappy comedy reviews to the Party! – S

Cougar Town

The Wall

Because dosing someone with cough syrup & having them pass out in a hole they were digging would probably also be a fitting premise for any number of procedural crime shows out there – on Cougar Town it’s a mother’s love.

Baby’s a Rock n Roller

I love Bill Lawrence’s knack for balancing wacky humour with real life issues. It wasn’t hard to see where we were going when Jules decided to watch Stan for the night. She’s already raised a kid who turned out.. okay, she’s been through it and Grayson hasn’t. He was adorable with Stan, even building him a baby prison fort. Jules just wants to pound grape.

I love that Laurie loving Smith didn’t really change her. While she stopped loving clubbing, the one night stand and the glory of the walk of shame! Plus! Great use of the outdoor mall, loved the sound barrier between the wine bar and the pop-up nightclub.

Modern Family

When Mitchell & Cameron are trying to decide who should be Lily’s guardian God Forbid (god forbid!) anything happen to them we get a sneak peak into their decision making. In the process we got Jay giving Manny an amazing father-son chat, the Dunphy’s leaving Luke in a parking lot only for him to find his way home in a limo after a funny chain of events, sisters who don’t normally ever get along bonding. What else does an episode of Modern Family need?

Oh Yeah, the girls vandalizing a school, a child psychologist, frozen cows and kitchen fires, juggling knives and a baby photo shoot.

Loved it!

Happy Endings

Your Couples, Friends & Neighbor

This week I continued to feel like Happy Endings must have been heavily inspired by Scrubs, anyone have any info on this? As a Scrubs fan, this is a good thing. Watching Max and Brad interacting throughout the entire episode, but especially their crazy synchronized dance that kicked off “Your Couples, Friends & Neighbor” reminds me so much of JD & Turk’s epic friendship/bromance.

I love this crazy ADD style of show that while I’ve talked about Scrubs, also appears in Bill Lawrence’s current hit Cougar Town that shares the ABC comedy block with Happy Endings. It’s just a ton of jokes a mile a minute and as long as it makes sense to the characters on screen and within the framework of the show, it works for me.

I can’t believe she surprise double dated me

To that I say, Alex, since you decide to date crazy artists who live in ceilings I think Penny’s selections are probably a step up.

Followed by a nod to Cuthburt’s time on 24

“What if you were like stuck in a trap in the woods and a cougar was trying to eat you, would you date then?

That’s insane, why would that even happen?

“Maybe your dad is the head of some elite counter terrorist unit and he only has 24 hours to — I don’t know,” she falters. “The point is, would you date?”

Mein Coming Out

So far the standout characters on Happy Endings have been Max & Jane. I was super pleased to have an episode revolving around Max and his issues with his parents. Sexual Orientation be damned, pushy parents wont change their tune.

I’m torn choosing a favourite moment because I have so many, between Jane being the craziest overacter ever, Penny dating Hitler & Alex wikiing WWII just for the occasion, or Dave swooping in and kissing Max to save his friend from endless set ups once again. Not to mention the end-tag at the country club, damn Max is a terrible liar.


I’m not sure the clip show format really works for me, even if the clips are all new content. A lot of it was really funny, but something about the pacing takes me out of it. Holding the show up to the high standards I have for Community it wasn’t my fave, but I still enjoyed spending the half-hour with the study group.

Also loved Abed running around in The Cape, another ode to a sci-fi series given a short life after the awesome Firefly reference in “Intermediate Documentary Film-making”. It’s great to see Abed’s unflinching commitment to his favourite shows, Summer Glau starred in both Firefly & The Cape, coincidence?

Parks & Recreation

Oh my heart. The image of Ben and Leslie sitting on the bench prefering the romantic mural of a meadow instead of the real thing is all too adorable and hilarious to describe. That is why everyone should be watching this show.

When Ben declined Leslie’s dinner invitation I knew there had to be some sort of outside influence, I felt like I was holding my breathe until we were let in on the culprit, Chris’ total ban on interoffice dating.

Of course Tom would have multiple profile’s on a dating website. I love how he just took the idea of being her perfect match and ran with it in the most annoying way (for Leslie) and funny way (for us) possible. Also fantastic, Tom’s reaction to Leslie’s awesome kissing skills.

The Office

Pretty disappointing. But there were two things I really liked about this episode.
1. Erin developing a very Michael sense of humour as she pretends to have brushed off the Dundies then breaks into a raise the roof sort of dance move because she’s really excited for the event.
2. Seasons of Michael. So perfect, complete with Die Hard.

30 Rock

I get that NBC gets really into Earth Day, they even bring out the green peacock logo. We at The Viewing Party believe in recycling, however clip shows that recycle old content aren’t always the tops, even on Earth Day.

I kind of get that after 5 seasons a show can offer a look back to it’s long past and reminisce. To be fair, 30 Rock created a really interesting framing story to facilitate the “clip show”. It wasn’t as innovative as Community’s version earlier in the evening, but it was not nearly as groan-worthy as the disaster of a clip show The Office offered last year. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

– S


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