About Us

We love TV.

Here at The Viewing Party we believe that television is more than just a hobby, as long as we engage with the medium. Starting in high school S, H & J would plan get-togethers with a program of must-see TV viewing. We started off with evenings of Firefly, Farscape, and then Battlestar Galactica. We continued the tradition even when we separated for university, by discussing the going ons of all our favourite shows through email and when we hung out at holidays.

Joined by B, our newest partner in television geekdom, we decided to bring our obsession with TV to the blogosphere. We hope you share this passion, or at least enjoy our ramblings about our favourite shows!

We’ll try to format our posts as conversations we have with each other like a TV viewing party online. Please join the discussion by adding your thoughts in the comments; there is always more room in front of the TV.

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