Quick Takes: The Good Wife Series Finale

the-good-wife-series finale end alicia florrick

Jo Says:

I found the finale somewhat reminiscent of the show’s former glory. It was unsatisfying in a satisfying way. The expectation of a great resolution is undercut in a way that is more true to the show, and to Alicia’s character.

Nothing was wrapped up, and no one went riding off into the sunset. And that’s probably for the best.

Sara Says:

After saying goodbye to basically everyone at the wedding/wake/engagement party fiasco a few weeks prior I never quite made it back. As someone who was a huge fan of this show for most of its run, watching live (and raging on the regular about the consistent sports delays) disinterest is as disappointing an ending as I require.

What did you think of The Good Wife finale, did you make it to the end? 


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