Top 5: Best Halloween TV Episodes

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Let’s be real – this is by no means a definitive list of best – but these are 5 (ish) Halloween episodes of TV that we highly recommend you get around to watching this season.

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J Talks Conviction and Kookiness on Community 3×15 “Origins of Vampire Mythology”

While I normally don’t write stand-alone reviews for Community, I enjoyed last night’s episode so much that I think it is warranted.  “Origins of Vampire Mythology” struck just the right chord of funny, sweet, and weird, and pretty much summed up the essence of all the main characters.  Having been slightly underwhelmed by the two-part blanket/pillow fort battle that preceded “Origins of Vampire Mythology” (maybe I just don’t like to see Troy and Abed fighting), this week’s episode was a perfect example of why I love Community so much: the genuine wackiness and heartfelt earnestness of the characters.

Everybody is earnest in what they do: Annie genuinely wants to help Britta, even if she goes about it in a questionable way; Shirley is there for her friend Jeff in his time of need; Troy is lovable and loving, and is sometimes a doofus; Abed is Abed.  Even Jeff, who is egotistical and self-serving to the extreme, pursues his egoism and self-promotion with conviction and zeal.  The show doesn’t apologize for who these characters are, and as a result their study group/friendship is both believable AND a barrel of laughs.

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Parks & Recreation “Lucky” Review

parks and rec lucky“Lucky” was the last Parks & Rec episode before the show takes 5 weeks off. While it wasn’t initially intended to be the last before a hiatus “Lucky”, penned by Nick Offerman (the one and only Ron F*cking Swanson), it did a great job of giving us a whole lot of awesome from each character before the break.

In Parks & Rec’s previous outing “Campaign Shake-Up” I felt the show take a slightly darker tone than the up-beat heart filled comedy we’re accustomed to. Watching Leslie struggle to keep her head above water up against a professional, experienced campaign manager in it only for the money (played brilliantly by Kathryn Hahn), a stark contrast to the Knope 2012 campaign basically run on heart, was absolutely heartbreaking. As an underdog, Knope 2012 had hope,  That’s why this week I was biting my finger nails when absolutely everything was going wrong. I couldn’t handle watching Team Leslie continue to take such a beating. Continue reading

Almost Heroes Series Premiere: Terry and Peter vs. The First Episode

The First Episode is a great gateway into Terry and Pete’s world. The show jumps right into the thick of things at the funeral at the comic book shop, Silver Salmon, for Peter and Terry’s Father. From the moment Terry can’t stop calling everyone at the funeral nerds, and Peter’s eulogy digresses into the logistics of dismembering the newly undead body of the recently deceased if he were to rise, we know what kind of ride we’re in for, and it’s very promising.

Almost Heroes Paul Campbell Ryan Belleville

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Comedy Quickies – Thurs May 19/ Parks & Recreation, The Office Season Finales

Two hours of finale from the NBC Comedy block this week. The Office spends an hour (and presumably a large budget) sifting through high profile celebrities interviewing for the manager position. Then Parks & Recreation delivers two cohesive half-hour episode making up their incredibly, almost surprisingly gripping finale leaving us in painful cliff-hangersville.

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Comedy Quickies – Wed May 18/ Modern Family, Cougar Town & Happy Endings

This week on Modern Family it’s like the pre-finale, finale, the Cougar Town scares children & Lou Diamond-Phillips guest-stars. Happy Endings time travels back to the beginning of the series and we are treated to the immediate fallout of the wedding-walkout. Also check out my wrap up of The Office Season 7  & “Search Committee” Review. Thursday quickies for Parks & Recreation and The Office coming soon!- S

Cougar Town

I’d probably be afraid of those kids too. I like that Ellie and Grayson decided to extend some kindness to Tom and include him as brief as that will be.

Penny Can – love the return of Lou Diamond Phillips, what is it with that guy. I always enjoy when Bobby gets some depth. I understood his attachment to Penny Can and his reluctance to sell. His friends really will always look out for him, his mark will be on those Penny Cans forever, or y’know, as long as those things last. – S

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The Office’s Seventh Season: Where do we go from here? & “Search Committee” Review

Over a year ago in the middle of season 6 I found myself asking “Where do we go from here” when it came to The Office.  It was “Murder” and Jim had just learned that Dunder Mifflin was facing bankruptcy and was being sold. I wondered how they would write themselves out of that corner.

Jo took over with Saber and the folks in the office just kept on trucking. At the end of season 7 we find ourselves at an impasse once again.

Michael Scott has grown up, fallen in love and moved on to Colorado to be with the woman of his dreams, Holly. Through the seven years we’ve spent getting to know Michael some things have been incredibly consistent. He’s always wanted to find a loving partner and have a family. Michael’s arc has completed. He finally someone who loves him back for exactly who he is in Holly. They match each other beautifully and he has grown because of her, learned to become more self aware, thoughtful and considerate of others. I am so thrilled that Michael’s exit was one that felt complete, like he achieved something. He’s moved on to something unknown, but ultimately better.

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Comedy Quickies – Wed May 11/ Modern Family, Cougar Town & Happy Endings

Another week another set of amazing laughs! Happy Endings continues to be amazingly hilarious (if you haven’t been watching start NOW!)  Also in Comedies this week, Cougar Town & Modern Family. For Thursday night comedy quickies; Community, Parks & Recreation & The Office click here! – S

Cougar Town

I absolutely loved watching Jules & Bobby work together (and apart) as parents to attempt to mend their son’s broken heart. When Jules called in her father Chick (played by the amazing Ken Jenkins) he was able to bring words of wisdom helping Jules & Bobby work out their hurt feelings, and adding a hint of sentimentally to the episode, something that Cougar Town weaves so gently into their scripts amidst the humour.

Also loved the developing relationship between Ellie and Jelly Bean Laurie. Ellie is a tough nut to crack, but once you’re in, you’re in. I love the sweetness between the group of friends, and how they’re able to be ruthless with each other at the same time.

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Comedy Quickies – Thurs May 12/ Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office

One season finale and two shows steamroll through their penultimate week of the season. Community gets its Star Wars on in the thrilling season finale and Parks & Recreation warms our hears and takes us to the Prom. The Office manages to keep on keeping on without their fearless leader. -S


Now this is how you do a season finale. Every finale should have a kiss like the one between Annie and Abed, a rainfall of red paint not required.

I absolutely loved Troy taking charge before it was thrust upon Jeff. Also Abed quickly taking on the role of Han Solo before Jeff fell into it (I loved Abed as Han Solo about as much as Annie did, I also always love a good Han Solo).

I do wish that the two-parter was aired in the same week to keep the momentum since the first episode was more action packed and this week was more emotionally centered. Both fantastic but working better together than apart.

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Comedy Quickies – May 4th/5th

Finale time is upon us! 30 Rock wrapped it’s fifth season this week, and Community kicked off it’s 2-week finale! Also in Comedies this week, Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Big Bang Theory, Parks & Recreation and The Office. – S

Cougar Town

I love that neither Bobby nor Jules understood the punishment bestowed upon him by the council.

Oh Trav, I think we all kind of knew he was going to getting his little heart crushed, and as hard as it was for us (and Jules) to watch the lead up to the proposal where Grayson and Trav bond was great.

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