Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere

What a treat to have Peggy Carter back on our screens! While you can find full Agent Carter recaps from Sara over at The Televixen, we’ll be live-tweeting each episode @TheViewingParty.

Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere Ana and Edwin Jarvis

Now onto the premiere, “The Lady in the Lake” and “A View in the Dark”. 

Things we’re totally on board with:

  • Everything about Peggy. And also Dottie Cosplaying Peggy. Imitation is the highest form of flattery
  • Peggy & Jarvis’ escalating Britishisms when in close proximity
  • Bernard Stark, the Flamingo
  • So many lady characters. And that they’re being positioned as friends rather than rivals. Except maybe Whitney Frost, she’s maybe the villain, but that’s cool too
  • While Peggy doesn’t *need* a romance, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to have someone. Dr. Jason Wilkes looks like he just might be able to hold his own with our girl

Things we’re not so sure about:

  • “You think you know me, but I’ve never been more than what each of you has created.”  Sousa + Peggy. Not so much. Let’s please not have this happen. We get that he is into her, who isn’t at least a little bit in love with Peggy Carter. But he’s more likely in love with an idealized version of her – not the woman herself. He best get his head on straight and remember what he’s lucky to have right in front of him
  • Ana’s accent?!?

What were your “Yes! Totally”‘s and “Hell No!”s from Agent Carter’s Season 2 Premiere? Share in the comments, or tweet us @TheViewingParty! Read Sara’s recap of the double header premiere here.



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