Almost Heroes (1×03) Terry & Peter vs. Girls: A Swift Nunchuck to the Balls

I didn’t realize that Terry was going to revert so quickly. Only three episodes in and Terry had all but given up his cool, charming Harvard guy persona and was drowning in the old strip mall atmosphere becoming his old nerdy self complete with terrible glasses.

I love that Peter has a standing booty call with a lady from out of town. Each week we learn that he’s a little less hopeless than he lets on. To tell the truth I wish we got more of the Yoda talking lady before moving on to the hot “chick” from Unexpected Cocknections. We could have had some really funny moments a la Michael and Holly on The Office. But I guess it makes sense that Peter isn’t quite yet to suave with the ladies to make a save after letting Terry ruin it for him.

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Almost Heroes (1×02) Recap: Terry and Peter vs. Wendell: It’s a Funny Comedy, not a 2am Sad Comedy

Week two of Almost Heroes and they have not failed to deliver in the follow up to the very funny premiere. It’s still super funny and full of heart as Pete who has just lost his father struggles to keep his brother close. Oh, and all the hilarious hi-jinx, axe-battles, and killer bees along the way.

Last week Peter & Terry managed to save themselves from eviction by a fluke sale of a priceless autograph. This week the shop finds itself in danger once again. Terry has been promising that he’s out of there as soon as the shop is back on track and in a desperate act to keep his brother at home, Pete has been stealing from the register to keep up the appearance that the shop is still in trouble.

Pete’s secret doesn’t stay secret for long and instead of simply returning the money he decides to do one better, impress Terry by making a smart investment with the shop’s profits. He buys a rare first edition of a comic book; Dark Badger Issue #1 and plans on selling it at a profit to a Dark Beaver collector, Wendell.

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Almost Heroes Series Premiere: Terry and Peter vs. The First Episode

The First Episode is a great gateway into Terry and Pete’s world. The show jumps right into the thick of things at the funeral at the comic book shop, Silver Salmon, for Peter and Terry’s Father. From the moment Terry can’t stop calling everyone at the funeral nerds, and Peter’s eulogy digresses into the logistics of dismembering the newly undead body of the recently deceased if he were to rise, we know what kind of ride we’re in for, and it’s very promising.

Almost Heroes Paul Campbell Ryan Belleville

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