Ronald D. Moore’s “Helix” Premiere’s Jan 10th – Will you be watching with us?

We’ve been holding our Helix excitement on the back-burner since the show was announced a while back. Now that Showcase has officially announced a premiere date (Jan 10th y’all) and the show’s production is underway properly start to look forward to the next sci-fi offering from one of our favourites, Ronald D. Moore (also executive produced by Lynda Obst (Sleepless in Seattle, Contact), and Steven Maeda(LostThe X-Files).

The show, currently filming in Montreal (gotta love that Canadian spirit in our sci-fi) stars Battlestar and Caprica alum, Luciana Carro alongside Billy Campbell (The Killing) among others.

Check out the latest teaser and let us know, will you be watching with us when Helix premieres in 2014?