S on Chuck’s Fifth Season So Far: Still Working out the Kinks

ChuckVersusZoom501 It seems a miracle that Chuck has made it to season 5. It’s that little show that could, cc apturing the hearts of a small yet ferociously loyal group of fans that somehow kept it chugging along 4 seasons longer than most would have expected. It’s a show that proves that sometimes fan campaigns really can make a difference, especially with the help of corporate sponsorship on the part of Subway (also proof that integrated marketing isn’t always a show killer).

Chuck has had several episodes that could have served as fantastic series finales. I would have been satisfied to have left Chuck watching down the hallway at the moving marriage proposal. Or even last season watching Sarah and Chuck being driven away after their wedding with the brilliant “as you wish” send off. That is to say that the constant renewal has been a double edged sword. Each time the team thinks their time is up all the cards go down on the table, so when there are calls for more episodes the show needs to be consistently able to adapt and produce.

When I dove into season 5 it was with slight hesitation. Season 4’s finale came with a reset button so the question was: will the reset continue to hit the right notes. By putting Morgan into Chuck’s shoes would the show be a retread of what came before, or will it provide new and fun adventures? Continue reading


Must See TV Trailers & Previews Released at Comic Con 2011

Previously Published by Sara (that’s me) at G33KPRON

Nerds from around the world gathered in San Diego this past weekend for Comic Con. Amid all the madness, our favourite television shows had their panels and released juicy tidbits, trailers, previews and spoofs for their upcoming (and current) seasons. I’ve gathered videos from the most important shows all together in once place. Click more for video from The Walking Dead, Chuck, Fringe, True Blood, The Ringer, Dexter and more. Continue reading

Top 5(ish) Father’s Day Edition: Our Fave TV Dads

For Father’s Day we’re celebrating by putting together a list of our favourite small-screen Dads! Funny, Brave, Badass or all of the above, you’ll find him here.

Did we leave out your favourite TV Dad? Let us know in the comments.

Wilf Mott, Donna’s Granddad, Doctor Who
(Bernard Cribbins)

DOCTOR WHO - The End of Time - Part One Wolf Mott Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins as Wilf Mott with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in the Tardis

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Top 5: BSG TV Moments not actually on Battlestar Galactica

Inspired by a recent spiral back into my BSG and Caprica obsession brought on by the Flesh in Doctor Who’s recent outings I’ve decided to drum up a list of my favourite Battlestar Galactica moments on TV… that didn’t happen on the Battlestar Galactica series itself. – S

Here goes…

Sarah appears in a FRAK OFF T-shirt on Chuck vs. The Nacho Sampler

Sarah Frak Off Chuck vs. The Nacho Sampler Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski rocks a Battlestar Galactica cut off tee

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Now Chuck is all Grown Up: S on Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger (Season Finale) Review

Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger comes at us from all angles. Picking up from the rather nasty cliffhanger from the week before where Sarah was left dying after being struck by the Norseman, a deadly DNA tracking device at the rehearsal dinner.

It’s Chuck, we know Sarah is going to be okay, she has to be. Despite what we think we knew this episode manages to play with our expectations throughout the entire episode, actually creating some serious suspense as Chuck races against the clock, breaking all the rules and more to save her.  Intercutting slow, sweet romantic flashback scenes of Chuck and Sarah leading up to the wedding, with them practicing their vows all with sunny soft lighting, almost dreamlike, made the current story being told feel all the more urgent and harsh.

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Twinkle Lights: A Life or Death Situation – S on “Chuck vs The Last Details”

This is what I’m talking about! The penultimate episode of this season (and possibly the series) hit it out of the park. “Chuck vs. The Last Details” managed to incorporate all of our important characters, even successfully making use of the Buymorons, and wrap up enough loose ends to set up for a powerful season finale next week.

This episode brought us a beautiful rehearsal dinner put together by Ellie, the return of badass Vivian Volkoff , Mama Bartowski, Star Wars and a killer cliffhanger.

There is no way that Sarah & Chuck’s wedding would come easy, and it’s to the show’s credit that the hurdles were not due to relationship struggles between the pair. No, Chuck’s mother (Linda Hamilton) has been captured by Vivian Volkoff half-way around the world while trying to retrieve the deadly dna tracking device.

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Top 5 Mother’s Day Edition: TV’s Awesome Moms

In honour of Mother’s Day, we at The Viewing Party have put together a special Top 5 list of some favourite TV moms.  Whether annoying, comical, or just plain sweet, these ladies all embrace unique interpretations of motherhood.  Enjoy!

Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation

She’s the Betazoid mother of Counsellor Troi that Captain Picard loves to hate.  What happens when you combine a hilariously overbearing personality with telepathic abilities?

Jackie Tyler from Doctor Who

Rose’s mum who shows up periodically throughout the first three seasons of (new) Doctor Who is perhaps a bit of a floozy, but she’s always there when Rose needs her.  Plus she adds to the great comedy of the show!

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Team Bartowski gains a Bartowski & a Very Big Secret about Volkoff – S on Chuck vs. Agent X

The pieces are coming together for an awesome season finale; they have been for weeks now, but in “Chuck vs. Agent X” we’re ready for the big finish. We’ve got a wedding, family estrangement issues that are coming to a head, a big bag, his badder daughter and a massive mission that would undermine the authority of the CIA. But that’s for next week and the week after that.

This week is for the bachelor/bachelorette parties – and an international mission to England when Riley returns to steal Steven Bartowski’s laptop in a bid to find Agent X on Vivian Volkoff’s orders.

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The Families Left Behind: Casey & Sarah Catch up with their Pasts – S on “Chuck vs. The Wedding Planner”

I absolutely loved Chuck vs. The Wedding Planner. As we rehash in our recaps pretty much every week, Chuck is about family, often about making your family with the ones you’ve got. This week was about the family that got left behind as life moved forward.

This week focused on Sarah’s relationship with her estranged father (Gary Cole) and Casey’s new relationship with his daughter as well as her mother, his lost love and former fiancée (Clare Carey). It contained some incredibly touching moments matched but fun action and dance sequences making this episode a great emotional rollercoaster ride.

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“Cool” Chuck Sucks, But Viv Volkoff Looks So Good in Bad – S on Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff

Since Chuck began in season one and Chuck was still living with Ellie & Awesome as a third wheel in their apartment it was obvious that family would be important in this show. This has continued to develop and grow as the show has progressed exploring more aspects of what family means and different dynamics in other family groups. B did a great job of describing the familial relationships that appear in “Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff” and how they have been thrust into the foreground of this season, specifically that between parent and child. While I don’t feel like I need to expand on his analysis, I’ll certainly comment on some of the dynamics that we revisited in this overwhelming episode!

There’s a lot of ground that I want to cover beyond what B discussed in his review, so try and stay with me. Chuck & Sarah’s miscommunication (guh!), the Volkoffs are back (yay!), and Casey becoming a better Daddy to his daughter (yay!) and Chuck (huh?).

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