S on Chuck’s Fifth Season So Far: Still Working out the Kinks

ChuckVersusZoom501 It seems a miracle that Chuck has made it to season 5. It’s that little show that could, cc apturing the hearts of a small yet ferociously loyal group of fans that somehow kept it chugging along 4 seasons longer than most would have expected. It’s a show that proves that sometimes fan campaigns really can make a difference, especially with the help of corporate sponsorship on the part of Subway (also proof that integrated marketing isn’t always a show killer).

Chuck has had several episodes that could have served as fantastic series finales. I would have been satisfied to have left Chuck watching down the hallway at the moving marriage proposal. Or even last season watching Sarah and Chuck being driven away after their wedding with the brilliant “as you wish” send off. That is to say that the constant renewal has been a double edged sword. Each time the team thinks their time is up all the cards go down on the table, so when there are calls for more episodes the show needs to be consistently able to adapt and produce.

When I dove into season 5 it was with slight hesitation. Season 4’s finale came with a reset button so the question was: will the reset continue to hit the right notes. By putting Morgan into Chuck’s shoes would the show be a retread of what came before, or will it provide new and fun adventures? Continue reading


Top 5: BSG TV Moments not actually on Battlestar Galactica

Inspired by a recent spiral back into my BSG and Caprica obsession brought on by the Flesh in Doctor Who’s recent outings I’ve decided to drum up a list of my favourite Battlestar Galactica moments on TV… that didn’t happen on the Battlestar Galactica series itself. – S

Here goes…

Sarah appears in a FRAK OFF T-shirt on Chuck vs. The Nacho Sampler

Sarah Frak Off Chuck vs. The Nacho Sampler Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski rocks a Battlestar Galactica cut off tee

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