Now Chuck is all Grown Up: S on Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger (Season Finale) Review

Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger comes at us from all angles. Picking up from the rather nasty cliffhanger from the week before where Sarah was left dying after being struck by the Norseman, a deadly DNA tracking device at the rehearsal dinner.

It’s Chuck, we know Sarah is going to be okay, she has to be. Despite what we think we knew this episode manages to play with our expectations throughout the entire episode, actually creating some serious suspense as Chuck races against the clock, breaking all the rules and more to save her.  Intercutting slow, sweet romantic flashback scenes of Chuck and Sarah leading up to the wedding, with them practicing their vows all with sunny soft lighting, almost dreamlike, made the current story being told feel all the more urgent and harsh.

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Twinkle Lights: A Life or Death Situation – S on “Chuck vs The Last Details”

This is what I’m talking about! The penultimate episode of this season (and possibly the series) hit it out of the park. “Chuck vs. The Last Details” managed to incorporate all of our important characters, even successfully making use of the Buymorons, and wrap up enough loose ends to set up for a powerful season finale next week.

This episode brought us a beautiful rehearsal dinner put together by Ellie, the return of badass Vivian Volkoff , Mama Bartowski, Star Wars and a killer cliffhanger.

There is no way that Sarah & Chuck’s wedding would come easy, and it’s to the show’s credit that the hurdles were not due to relationship struggles between the pair. No, Chuck’s mother (Linda Hamilton) has been captured by Vivian Volkoff half-way around the world while trying to retrieve the deadly dna tracking device.

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Team Bartowski gains a Bartowski & a Very Big Secret about Volkoff – S on Chuck vs. Agent X

The pieces are coming together for an awesome season finale; they have been for weeks now, but in “Chuck vs. Agent X” we’re ready for the big finish. We’ve got a wedding, family estrangement issues that are coming to a head, a big bag, his badder daughter and a massive mission that would undermine the authority of the CIA. But that’s for next week and the week after that.

This week is for the bachelor/bachelorette parties – and an international mission to England when Riley returns to steal Steven Bartowski’s laptop in a bid to find Agent X on Vivian Volkoff’s orders.

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“Cool” Chuck Sucks, But Viv Volkoff Looks So Good in Bad – S on Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff

Since Chuck began in season one and Chuck was still living with Ellie & Awesome as a third wheel in their apartment it was obvious that family would be important in this show. This has continued to develop and grow as the show has progressed exploring more aspects of what family means and different dynamics in other family groups. B did a great job of describing the familial relationships that appear in “Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff” and how they have been thrust into the foreground of this season, specifically that between parent and child. While I don’t feel like I need to expand on his analysis, I’ll certainly comment on some of the dynamics that we revisited in this overwhelming episode!

There’s a lot of ground that I want to cover beyond what B discussed in his review, so try and stay with me. Chuck & Sarah’s miscommunication (guh!), the Volkoffs are back (yay!), and Casey becoming a better Daddy to his daughter (yay!) and Chuck (huh?).

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