Love’s Limits Are Tested in Bomb Girls 1×05: J Talks Hope and Heartbreak in “Armistice”

“Armistice”, the penultimate episode of Bomb Girls, is a riveting hour of TV.  The stakes are certainly raised this week as we begin to see how far characters will go for love, whether it’s love of country, love of others, love of self, or love of good old-fashioned jazz.  Relationships are tested to their limits, and the varying results are devastating, encouraging, and everything in between.

Our well-to-do heroine Gladys runs into a spot of trouble when her fiancé James discovers that she accepted an airman’s proposal of marriage before he shipped off to war.  James is livid, and I must admit he has a good reason.  This in no way excuses him for having had a full-blown affair with Hazel, but the guy has a right to be a little miffed that his fiancée promised herself to someone else.  The airing of their past transgressions threatens to break up their engagement, but also causes both of them to think long and hard about their feelings for each other.  Yes, they’ve both made some sizable mistakes, but they sincerely love each other and this becomes clear as the episode progresses.  Thus ensues James and Gladys’s sexy time, the remedy for all their ills!  And I must say it was pretty funny to see their somewhat smug “we just got it on” faces as they snuggled in the car.

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