Top 5: Castle Episodes of Season 4

While we are still not over the exhilarating events of this year’s season finale, we think it’s about time to take a step back and assess the season as a whole. There were a lot of ups and downs, no doubt about that, but this post will focus on the ups. Here are our five favourite episodes from season 4 of Castle, in order of appearance. Enjoy!

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Top 5: Reasons You Know You’re a Castle Fan

Having let some time elapse since Castle’s season finale, I can safely say…I want more! And so, to tide us over until season 4, here’s a new top 5 list.

You know you’re a Castle fan when…

#5: You have done at least one of the following in real life: (a) said “shut the front door!” (b) said “yo” or “bro” à la Esposito (c) said “bam, said the lady!” (d) fed the birds

beckett reading page 105 on Castle Stana Katic

Beckett Sneaks in some Reading in the Bathroom

#4: You know what page 105 is (extra points if you’ve read it!)

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Top 5 Mother’s Day Edition: TV’s Awesome Moms

In honour of Mother’s Day, we at The Viewing Party have put together a special Top 5 list of some favourite TV moms.  Whether annoying, comical, or just plain sweet, these ladies all embrace unique interpretations of motherhood.  Enjoy!

Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation

She’s the Betazoid mother of Counsellor Troi that Captain Picard loves to hate.  What happens when you combine a hilariously overbearing personality with telepathic abilities?

Jackie Tyler from Doctor Who

Rose’s mum who shows up periodically throughout the first three seasons of (new) Doctor Who is perhaps a bit of a floozy, but she’s always there when Rose needs her.  Plus she adds to the great comedy of the show!

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Top 10: Monsterpiece Theater & Other Sesame Street Spoofs

There’s nothing like growing up and realizing that the things you loved as a kid are still totally awesome. As it turns out, Sesame Street has still got it.

As little Sesame Street watching children all grown up, we were thrilled to discover that Sesame Street still has something for us; we still find ourselves coming back to our favourite segment; “Monsterpiece Theater”. This segment has spoofed so many of our favourite TV Shows, Films and other literary works.We love these so much and there are so many to choose from that we could hardly narrow the list down to just 5, so roll with us, we’re amping this one up to 10!

#10: Sesame Street is something that many of us experienced as children, we’re asking for YOUR help to pick out your favourite Sesame Culture Spoof to round out this list! Post your fave in the comments below, feeling shy? E-mail us at theviewingparty [at] gmail [dot] com. We don’t have much to give away in terms of prizes, so if we choose yours you will win our love, admiration, and a virtual high five!

9 ) 12 Angry Men

I do love a good retelling of the classic “12 Angry Men” but I am a little curious about those “Three Sad Cows” & “Two Proud Pigs”. Don’t fear, in a surprise twist this Monsterpiece Theater classic doesn’t neglect to include 12 very, very angry men.

Fave quote “You’re going to be hearing from my agent” listen for it at the end.

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Top 5: Castle & Beckett’s Fake Dates

The other day S and I were trying to come up with all the fake dates that Castle and Beckett have been on, and I decided to compile a Top 5 list of them here.  I’ve put these in chronological order because ranking them would be impossible – they’re all so darn cute!  I sincerely hope that one day soon Rick and Kate will admit their obvious love for one another and go on a real date.  But until then, here are my favourite Castle and Beckett “non-date” dates…to date.  -J

#5: After leaving both of their dates at the restaurant, Castle and Beckett go out for burgers in “The Third Man” (2×14).

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Top 5: Cases of the Giggles

Whether letting off steam, showing their goofy side, or just plain losing control, I love it when we get to see TV characters laugh! I must say right off the bat that Laura Roslin and her pre- debate giggles (from Battlestar Galactica) should be high on this list, but I couldn’t find a video clip of the scene. She definitely gets an honourable mention, though.

#5: The Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who)
Rose has a lot of great laughs with the Doctor, especially Ten. This one is from
the beginning of “The Impossible Planet” (2×08).

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Top 5: Buy More Moments on Chuck

Chuck is taking a week off from new episodes so to fill the void I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane to a time when the Buy More was an amazing and fun place to be, when Buy Moria and it’s employee’s were relevant to story lines and were … funny.

This was a more difficult list to pare down to 5 than I had first anticipated. Do you agree with my choices? Which Buy More moments would you include?

#5. The Buy More vs. Buster Bluth

Chuck has had many fantastic guest stars over the years. Bringing in Tony Hale (best known for his role as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development) as the efficiency expert for a season long arc at the Buy More was pure genius. Watching him interact with incompetent staff and attempting to create some semblance of order was a great B arc for season 2.

Emmett was a hilarious addition to the Buy More team, although it was his exit in the season 3 premiere Chuck vs. The Pink Slip that made him especially notable.  (Click here to view the scene) He was shot in the head without a moment’s hesitation by a baddie assassin in the Buy More parking lot. The Buy More staff are often in peril but are rarely aware of the situation or are seriously involved. Emmett’s murder was a shocking blurring of the lines for Chuck.

Honorable mention on #5 goes to another nerdy guest star Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan as Tyler Martin, a strung out, burnt out rock star eerily similar to his character on LOST.

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Top 5: A Castle vs. Beckett Nerd-Off

In lieu of a new episode of Castle this week, I have compiled a top-five list of some favourite nerdy moments from Castle and Beckett. Enjoy! – J


#5: Beckett is a songstress
While guitar playing is not necessarily nerdy in itself, Beckett’s earnestly-attempted acoustic version of Get on the Floor makes for one of the more hilarious moments in “Lucky Stiff” (3×14).

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