Who’s Ever Heard of a Forensic Podiatrist? Only in Canada – S on Bones 6×17 “The Feet on the Beach”

Last week I started to bug out a little over the lack of forward momentum in Bones these days. There was pretty much zero forward movement this week too, actually, with Brennan’s absolute cluelessness she seems to be going backward. At least there were a few adorable clueless moments.  Luckily the lack of actual hook ups wasn’t as noticeable since there was less focus on the Booth/Brennan coupling and more on the case and Canadians.

Unless you forget your long john’s it’s a piece of cake

We get it Hart Hanson; you’re Canadian, and so is Kathy Reichs, the author of the Temperance Brennan novels…

…and as a Canadian who loves a good shout out when she sees one, good on you – this was a fun one.

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