Castle – S is Very Pleased with the Developments in “Like Father, Like Daughter”

CASTLE - "Like Father, Like Daughter" -- Alexis enlists Castle's

I asked and Castle delivered.

When Alexis and Castle hit the road in their Daddy/Daughter crime solving road trip it was as if all my concerns about the show forgetting the value of this dynamic, and the well established character traits, were being addressed. This doesn’t change how I feel about the earlier episodes, but I’m very glad to see the show heading back in a direction I can get behind. Continue reading


Top 5: Castle Episodes of Season 4

While we are still not over the exhilarating events of this year’s season finale, we think it’s about time to take a step back and assess the season as a whole. There were a lot of ups and downs, no doubt about that, but this post will focus on the ups. Here are our five favourite episodes from season 4 of Castle, in order of appearance. Enjoy!

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J Shares the Castle Love Forever and For “Always”: A Review of the Suspense, Revelations, and Grand Romance in the Season Finale 4×23


Things happened. Big things. Things that are meaningful and irrevocable and wonderful. So let’s jump right in as I try, like so many fans out there, to make sense of my Castle/Beckett feelings.

We begin with Beckett clinging to the edge of a building, calling out for Castle as she loses her grip.  Just as all hope seems lost, we cut to three days earlier. Oh, season finales. After discovering what appears to be a gang-related murder in an alley, Beckett, Castle, and the boys soon discover a link to Montgomery’s home and the files he was trying to keep hidden. Drama, stolen glances, and intensity ensue, highlighting how much Castle, Ryan, and Esposito love Beckett in their own ways. Each of them will do pretty much anything to support Beckett and keep her safe, and we see this play out throughout the episode. Of course, Castle is keeping a secret about the files and the case, and we all know that it’s only a matter of time until it comes out.

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Castle and Beckett Resurrect Their Romance…and Some Zombies! J on Castle 4×22 “Undead Again”

We’re heading in the right direction, people.  I mean, sure, we’re celebrating the fact that Castle and Beckett are even talking to each other at all, let alone talking about their feelings, but after the last few episodes we’ll take what we can get.  It’s no secret that I was getting a little sick of the constant evading, concealing, and inability to communicate, and I was thoroughly fed up with Castle when he said this would be his last case working with Detective Beckett.  I knew it wasn’t going to prove true, but somehow that made it even more annoying.  Enough already!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can comment on the actual episode.  I felt that “Undead Again” was all about one person knowing better than another and pulling the wool over their eyes.  This plays out in the zombie storyline, but also more significantly in Castle and Beckett’s relationship.  In terms of the zombies, we (or the characters) are fooled into believing that they might actually be the walking undead.  When that theory is debunked, we see the case of one “zombie” being manipulated into committing a crime against his will and without his knowledge.  See: pulling the wool over his eyes.  As for Castle and Beckett, they simply can’t keep up their charade any longer, and there are many layers of the charade: first and foremost is the fact that they’re in love with each other and not acting on it, second is Beckett hiding from Castle that she heard him say he loved her last year, third is Castle hiding his knowledge that she heard him, and fourth is Castle hiding info about Johanna Beckett’s murder and Kate’s shooting (which will most certainly come up in the finale next week).

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Lanie is the Star of “The Limey” (If Only Someone Would Follow Her Advice): J Reviews Castle 4×20

As was to be expected, nothing in the way of relationship advancement happened in “The Limey”.  However, I actually liked this episode better than last week’s for a few reasons, not the least of which is that we got some real character development on the part of Kate Beckett.  While “47 Seconds” followed Castle closely through his childish reaction to finding out Kate’s secret, this week we go home with Beckett, seeing things from her point of view and gaining insight into the character.  I wasn’t happy with the lack of discussion between Castle and Beckett (no surprise there), but watching Beckett grapple with her feelings is far more interesting than Castle pouting about her betrayal.


Lanie was really the best part of this episode in my opinion.  She tells it like it is, and always has.  She’s been aware of the attraction between Castle and Beckett from day one, and has never been shy about encouraging her friend to go for it with “writer boy”.  In “The Limey”, we not only see her supporting Kate, but also confronting her about her feelings for Castle.  And when she does, it doesn’t take long for Beckett to admit to those feelings.  In the course of the initial conversation in Kate’s apartment, this moment happens almost casually, but it’s actually a huge deal for Beckett!  She has been denying her feelings and declaring she isn’t ready for ages, so the fact that she owns up to being crazy about Castle is a really big step for her.

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J’s Thoughts on Castle 4×11 “Till Death Do Us Part”: Some Funny Moments but Where’s the Dancing?

I liked this episode well enough, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  Knowing that it was going to be the “Ryan’s wedding episode” I was really hoping for, um, more of the actual wedding…is that weird?  Much as I enjoyed the final scene (which I’ll get into later) I felt it was a case of too little too late in terms of the plot and pacing of the episode.

Castle and Beckett’s case begins when they find a dead naked dude covered with some fruit.  As they dig further into this guy’s life – full of secret identities, espionage, and picking up women – in addition to watching Ryan prepare for his upcoming wedding with Jenny, their conversations inevitably turn to sex, commitment, honesty, and marriage.  While most of these exchanges are light-hearted and teasing, they do reveal how much Castle and Beckett are scoping each other out for that day when they WILL tie the knot for real.  Sometimes they seem perfectly oblivious to the romantic undertones (or overtones – they weren’t that subtle) of their own words.

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Castle & Beckett Say What they Mean in “Hitched”: S on Castle 4×10 “Cuffed”

Castle CuffedJ wrote a lovely analysis of “Cuffed” that covers pretty much everything. Check it out. Because we often share a wavelength when it comes to Castle she mostly tells it like I see it. Instead of retreading, I’m mostly going to cover the crazy games of Castle and Beckett. Read on!

At first glance, “Cuffed” is a massive wink and nudge to the Castle/Beckett shippers of the show. There was a huge step forward in the flirtation for the pair, moving from mostly verbal innuendo and teasing to full contact physical comedy. More than that, this is a huge step forward in their relationship. Since Castle and Beckett revealed their mutual feelings for one another these charged exchanges take on new meanings, the flirting and teasing possess an acknowledged truth barely disguised by jokes.

It’s frustrating, for both the shippers and for Castle and Beckett, the excuses for staying apart seem to be wearing thin. The more aggressive style of their flirting, suggestions of spending the night, and their lives together are true, and at this point Beckett is barely putting any effort into holding up those wall of hers. The flirting displayed in “Cuffed” reads as truth, seemingly the couple is reevaluating the whole “waiting until we’re all sorted out” idea by pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in their current “not a couple” arrangement. Don’t they know that no one is ever free of their issues, they may as well face them together, but real together. Give me the text without the sub, you know you want to. Continue reading

J Talks Tigers and Teases in “Cuffed”, Castle 4×10

“Cuffed”?  More like “Innuendo 101”.  Castle has always been a show that relies on nudges, winks, and nods, but this week’s episode introduces a whole new level of sexually suggestive fun.  While Castle and Beckett have been building their relationship over the course of the past three-and-a-half seasons, being handcuffed together and imprisoned in a basement certainly brings them closer they have ever been physically (at least since they were trapped in a freezer together in last season’s two-parter).  And this leads to a whole lot of crazy shenanigans, brought to us by the husband and wife writing team of Terri Edda Miller and Andrew Marlowe.

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Castle and Beckett Go Head-Hunting: J on Castle 4×03 “Head Case”

Castle-S4Ep3-HeadCase-TamalaJonesAsLanieParishI have to say I was kind of lukewarm about this episode. While the cool sci-fi beginning caught my attention as a departure from usual Castle intros, I felt like the episode itself lacked a certain oomph. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of great moments (which I’ll talk about), but I don’t think they quite found the right balance of romance, wit, and hidden depth that the show maintained so well in the second and third seasons.

That said, it was still fun to watch and I really enjoyed specific aspects of the episode. One of them was the way Castle continues to talk to Beckett about Alexis. I think this really rings true – they’re co-workers with the added bonus of being in love, so it makes sense that Castle would discuss his family’s issues with her. Whether it’s for counsel, support, or just to vent, Castle confides in Beckett, involving her in his domestic life even though she’s not actually part of the family (yet!). Beckett usually has some good advice to impart about Alexis, but also gives Castle space when he needs it. It’s nice to see that they trust and care about each other enough to engage in this kind of exchange. Continue reading