J on the Explosive Bomb Girls Season Finale, 1×06 “Elements of Surprise”

Wow!  The season finale of Bomb Girls was absolutely chock-full of drama, excitement, tension, and heartbreak.  Secrets were revealed, loyalties questioned, and decisive steps taken that shook up the lives of our favourite Victory Munitions workers.  By the end of the episode, we were left with many unanswered questions but also with an affirmation of the strength and courage of the Bomb Girls ladies.  That being said, I am VERY pleased that this was just the season finale, not the series finale, and I am eagerly anticipating (see: I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!) the second season.

Gladys and James in the season finale

There is certainly a lot to talk about when it comes to “Elements of Surprise”: Vera is released from the hospital and must decide whether to return to work at the munitions factory; the appearance of Kate’s frightening and abusive father leads her to question her life choices; Betty grapples with her love for Kate and desire to protect her; Lorna faces the terrifying reality of an unwanted pregnancy as well as her relationships with Marco and Bob; Gladys is faced not only with Lorna’s attempts to sabotage her, but also with the prospect of James enlisting in the war; and to top it all off, Pearl Harbour is bombed.  So…not exactly a light episode.  However, I really appreciated that all these events, which range from mild to extreme on the catastrophe scale, were addressed with respect, gravity, and care by the creators and actors of Bomb Girls.

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