Comedy Quickies – Wed May 18/ Modern Family, Cougar Town & Happy Endings

This week on Modern Family it’s like the pre-finale, finale, the Cougar Town scares children & Lou Diamond-Phillips guest-stars. Happy Endings time travels back to the beginning of the series and we are treated to the immediate fallout of the wedding-walkout. Also check out my wrap up of The Office Season 7  & “Search Committee” Review. Thursday quickies for Parks & Recreation and The Office coming soon!- S

Cougar Town

I’d probably be afraid of those kids too. I like that Ellie and Grayson decided to extend some kindness to Tom and include him as brief as that will be.

Penny Can – love the return of Lou Diamond Phillips, what is it with that guy. I always enjoy when Bobby gets some depth. I understood his attachment to Penny Can and his reluctance to sell. His friends really will always look out for him, his mark will be on those Penny Cans forever, or y’know, as long as those things last. – S

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Comedy Quickies – Wed May 11/ Modern Family, Cougar Town & Happy Endings

Another week another set of amazing laughs! Happy Endings continues to be amazingly hilarious (if you haven’t been watching start NOW!)  Also in Comedies this week, Cougar Town & Modern Family. For Thursday night comedy quickies; Community, Parks & Recreation & The Office click here! – S

Cougar Town

I absolutely loved watching Jules & Bobby work together (and apart) as parents to attempt to mend their son’s broken heart. When Jules called in her father Chick (played by the amazing Ken Jenkins) he was able to bring words of wisdom helping Jules & Bobby work out their hurt feelings, and adding a hint of sentimentally to the episode, something that Cougar Town weaves so gently into their scripts amidst the humour.

Also loved the developing relationship between Ellie and Jelly Bean Laurie. Ellie is a tough nut to crack, but once you’re in, you’re in. I love the sweetness between the group of friends, and how they’re able to be ruthless with each other at the same time.

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Comedy Quickies – May 4th/5th

Finale time is upon us! 30 Rock wrapped it’s fifth season this week, and Community kicked off it’s 2-week finale! Also in Comedies this week, Cougar Town, Happy Endings, Big Bang Theory, Parks & Recreation and The Office. – S

Cougar Town

I love that neither Bobby nor Jules understood the punishment bestowed upon him by the council.

Oh Trav, I think we all kind of knew he was going to getting his little heart crushed, and as hard as it was for us (and Jules) to watch the lead up to the proposal where Grayson and Trav bond was great.

Below the jump: Modern Family, Happy Endings, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock

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Comedy Quickies – April 27/28

B is engaging in a battle with his laptop and the evil forces of tech support. He assures me that he will emerge victorious one way or another and will be back with his always awesome insights into our fave comedies in time for May sweeps.  So until then you’re stuck with me.  – S

Cougar Town

We were promised an episode where Laurie discovers twitter and becomes awesome at it. As a follower and part of the @Larmy, I thought that it would be more obviously incorporated into the show (somehow?)  although I was impressed by the twitter account & how she used it to conquer trivia night.

What I really loved was 1) watching Jules be humiliated in public for stupid mistakes, mostly because her reactions were priceless, and because the contrast to Bobby completely owning his title as Wrong Balls Bobby as he hit his competitor’s ball at a major golf tournament after Jules prayed to have her bad luck transferred elsewhere. 2) Barb’s misuse of the work Kick-Ass after last week’s redefinition because gettng your ass kicked is never a good thing.

Below the jump: Happy Endings, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock

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Comedy Quickies – April 20/21 Cougar Town Returns, plus Modern Family, Happy Endings, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock & more

A quick round-up of this week’s Comedy’s. B is off this week so it’s just me, but don’t worry we’ll have him back ASAP to bring his snappy comedy reviews to the Party! – S

Cougar Town

The Wall

Because dosing someone with cough syrup & having them pass out in a hole they were digging would probably also be a fitting premise for any number of procedural crime shows out there – on Cougar Town it’s a mother’s love.

Baby’s a Rock n Roller

I love Bill Lawrence’s knack for balancing wacky humour with real life issues. It wasn’t hard to see where we were going when Jules decided to watch Stan for the night. She’s already raised a kid who turned out.. okay, she’s been through it and Grayson hasn’t. He was adorable with Stan, even building him a baby prison fort. Jules just wants to pound grape.

I love that Laurie loving Smith didn’t really change her. While she stopped loving clubbing, the one night stand and the glory of the walk of shame! Plus! Great use of the outdoor mall, loved the sound barrier between the wine bar and the pop-up nightclub.

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Comedy Quickies: April 13/14

It was a busy week! On the docket: Modern Family, Happy Endings, Breaking In, Workaholics, Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Modern Family

I love Claire, I love when she’s mad and flustered and uncomfortable. Julie Bowen is flat out hilarious. Watching her drive around reminiscing about her time in college while trying to talk Hayley into going was fantastic, even better was us knowing what was on the outside of the van when all the men were honking on both sides. Best was Claire starting out furious but then backing down with satisfaction when she heard that most of the calls were for the “hot blonde”. Of course Phil wouldn’t think that through, or even actually check to make sure the van looked right after he got it covered. – S

Loved the van. My favourite moment was Phil’s phone conversation with the potential John. Who knew an MLS listing could sound so dirty?! The Cam and Mitchell plot this week bored me. It’s funny to see Cam freak out and Mitchell step in as the supportive boyfriend, but the audience has seen this same storyline played out countless times already. Characters need to evolve to stay interesting. I was glad to see Jay making an effort to take Gloria’s advice. While he will never be a sappy show-your-love kind of guy, he’s making progress towards being a better family man. I like that. – B

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Comedy Quickies Special Edition: Happy Endings

When I realized that I had more to say about Happy Endings that would appropriately fit into the little blurbs we review our usual comedies in I decided that just this once, Happy Endings would receive it’s own little post. I jumped in agave it a chance last night and at the end of the (smartly scheduled) two episodes, I was satisfied. I’ve decided that I’ll watch it again and probably enjoy it. I’m thrilled.

I must admit that recently I’ve lost some of my wide-eyed sparkling amazed view of television and become more cynical than I’d like to. A few of my favourite shows seemed to by letting me down and there wasn’t much new warm & fuzzy glow of great TV light on the horizon. I decided to trust the buzz surrounding Happy Endings, and was especially encouraged by last minute tweets from Alison Brie and Nathan Fillion.

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TV Premieres Schedule, Spring 2011

There are so many great premieres scheduled for this spring. Here are the mid-season shows we are looking forward to. What are you excited to see? Let us know if we missed any of your favourite shows. We will continue to update this page as more premiere dates are announced.


March 6 – Breakout Kings, Season 1 (A&E)
This new series from the writers/producers of Prison Break promises to deliver an action-packed hour of TV each week. We’re still undecided about whether this show will make our must-see TV list, but we will definitely check out the series premiere.

March 24 – The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Season 2 (MTV)
Following the season finale of Jersey Shore, the well-endowed RJ Berger returns for a second season. This season will feature guest appearances by Paris Hilton, Weezer, and Vinny from Jersey Shore.

March 27 – Mildred Pierce, Miniseries (HBO)
Starring Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood, and Melissa Leo, this adaptation of the James M. Cain novel set during the Great Depression is garnering a lot of buzz.

March 28 – Nurse Jackie, Season 3 (Showtime)
Our favourite pill-popping nurse returns. After Kevin and O’Hara stage an intervention, how will Jackie deal with the reality that her life is spiraling out of control?

March 28 – The United States of Tara, Season 3 (Showtime)
Tara goes back to college this season, and Eddie Izzard is her psychology prof. Also, look out for a new alter.

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