Top 5: Castle Episodes of Season 4

While we are still not over the exhilarating events of this year’s season finale, we think it’s about time to take a step back and assess the season as a whole. There were a lot of ups and downs, no doubt about that, but this post will focus on the ups. Here are our five favourite episodes from season 4 of Castle, in order of appearance. Enjoy!

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Our Top 10 Favourite Castle Episodes So Far

After hours of discussion, debate, analysis, and fan-girling at The Viewing Party’s virtual HQ on the interwebs, we have composed a list of our 10 favourite Castle episodes to date. To narrow down to only 10 there were arguments, emails and near virtual steam-punk duels at dawn before we were able to reach an agreement. FYI, actually ranking this list may just have killed us, so we’ll do it chronologically …. our top ten Castle episodes:

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Top 10: Monsterpiece Theater & Other Sesame Street Spoofs

There’s nothing like growing up and realizing that the things you loved as a kid are still totally awesome. As it turns out, Sesame Street has still got it.

As little Sesame Street watching children all grown up, we were thrilled to discover that Sesame Street still has something for us; we still find ourselves coming back to our favourite segment; “Monsterpiece Theater”. This segment has spoofed so many of our favourite TV Shows, Films and other literary works.We love these so much and there are so many to choose from that we could hardly narrow the list down to just 5, so roll with us, we’re amping this one up to 10!

#10: Sesame Street is something that many of us experienced as children, we’re asking for YOUR help to pick out your favourite Sesame Culture Spoof to round out this list! Post your fave in the comments below, feeling shy? E-mail us at theviewingparty [at] gmail [dot] com. We don’t have much to give away in terms of prizes, so if we choose yours you will win our love, admiration, and a virtual high five!

9 ) 12 Angry Men

I do love a good retelling of the classic “12 Angry Men” but I am a little curious about those “Three Sad Cows” & “Two Proud Pigs”. Don’t fear, in a surprise twist this Monsterpiece Theater classic doesn’t neglect to include 12 very, very angry men.

Fave quote “You’re going to be hearing from my agent” listen for it at the end.

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Top 5: Walterisms

Watching Fringe this season, we’re constantly reminded that resident mad scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop, is near solely responsible for all the fringe events our team has encountered to date, thanks to his meddling with the veil between the two universes. Before Walter had pieces of his brain cut out, caused the accidental death of his lab assistant, and was incarcerated in a mental institution for 17 years, he had little qualms with experimenting on human subjects, conducting illegal drug trials on children, and generally pushing science beyond all recognizable ethical boundaries simply to prove that he could.

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TV Premieres Schedule, Spring 2011

There are so many great premieres scheduled for this spring. Here are the mid-season shows we are looking forward to. What are you excited to see? Let us know if we missed any of your favourite shows. We will continue to update this page as more premiere dates are announced.


March 6 – Breakout Kings, Season 1 (A&E)
This new series from the writers/producers of Prison Break promises to deliver an action-packed hour of TV each week. We’re still undecided about whether this show will make our must-see TV list, but we will definitely check out the series premiere.

March 24 – The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Season 2 (MTV)
Following the season finale of Jersey Shore, the well-endowed RJ Berger returns for a second season. This season will feature guest appearances by Paris Hilton, Weezer, and Vinny from Jersey Shore.

March 27 – Mildred Pierce, Miniseries (HBO)
Starring Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood, and Melissa Leo, this adaptation of the James M. Cain novel set during the Great Depression is garnering a lot of buzz.

March 28 – Nurse Jackie, Season 3 (Showtime)
Our favourite pill-popping nurse returns. After Kevin and O’Hara stage an intervention, how will Jackie deal with the reality that her life is spiraling out of control?

March 28 – The United States of Tara, Season 3 (Showtime)
Tara goes back to college this season, and Eddie Izzard is her psychology prof. Also, look out for a new alter.

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It’s All About Feelings – H on A Very Fringe-y Valentines’ “6B”

Right before the apex of this episode—when the universes seem to be on the verge of collapsing—Broyles asks the question, “you think all this is because of feelings?” In a word, Phil? Yes.

If you think back (waaaaaaay back) to the first season of Fringe, Olivia gives a sceptical Broyles a fantastic speech about how her feelings are one of her greatest assets for the job that she has to do.

I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. And putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, I’ll get straight to the point. I am emotional. I do bring it into my work. It’s what motivates me. It helps me to get into the headspace of our victims… See what they’ve seen. Even if I don’t want to, even if it horrifies me. And I think it makes me a better agent. If you have a problem with that, sorry.”

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Comedy Quickies for Feb 16/17

This week Comedy quickies are brought to you by B, S & H! Hooray!

Modern Family

Love the Xanex washed down with a shot of tequila.

Lose the glitter, it’ll settle in Lily’s lungs. Princess got schooled by Fizbo! Never break character, never, ever. – B

Julie Bowen is at her most hilarious as Claire when she is frozen with embarrassment like she was tonight. So fantastic. I also love that it really was all about Gloria. – S

Fizbo the Court Jester was equal parts terrifying and hilarious, but I loved that just as Cam accepted that he could let someone else take over the enertainment at his daughter’s birthday, Mitchell also accepted that no one could 1up a party’s awesome quite like Fizbo. – H

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Denial and Acceptance – H on the stages of life in Fringe’s “Immortality”

If you’re anything like me, gentle viewers, the “big reveal” from last night’s episode was not so much what you could call a surprise. The rumour has been circling the net for weeks now, and everyone from the show’s producers to lowly bloggers have been teasing and sidestepping and playing on viewing’s anxieties about the issue with that gleeful sort of sadism unique to the entertainment world.

I know a lot of us have all ready gone through our stages of denial, to fearing this would turn our beloved show into a schlocky soap opera, to acceptance, and now finally to the stage where we are once again choosing to put our trust in the writers to tell the best story they can.

Because once again, Fringe writers, you have yet to let me down.

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The Thrills and Chills of Fringe – H on 3×11 “Reciprocity”

Every episode of Fringe thrills and delights me, in just the way that great writing, tight plots, and fantastic characters can do. But watching last night’s episode, “Reciprocity,” I couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that something was just slightly off with my show. At first I thought it might be awkward writing, or a jarring transition from last week’s slower paced, albeit fabulous, episode. But I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was that was bothering me, which of course only served to bother me further. So I watched it again. And again. And I should have figured it out sooner. But it wasn’t until that third rewatch that I realized: the minute we see that machine on screen, it begins sending waves of dissonance throughout our story, throwing everything off kilter. Like Walter’s says at the episode’s end, the machine’s affect is reciprocal; it touches and changes those that touch it. Certainly this makes for a chilling and uncomfortable episode. But given the plot for this week, wow is it effective.

Fringe writers, you should know that I never doubt you for long.

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