S Wades through the Guilt & Real Talk in Haven’s “Crush”


We’re all loving how quickly things are moving along this season, people are actually communicating situations and secrets and articulating their feelings with alarmingly refreshing frequency.

“Crush”, which I’m comfortable assuming is titled both for the trouble of the week and the crushing guilt Duke, Nathan, and Audrey are all feeling, spent a good deal of the hour getting directly to the heart of the issues affecting each of our main characters.

This feels like an end game episode (regardless of whether or not Nathan was actually shot). So much of the hour dealt with guilt and grief, of the brothers, of Duke, Nathan, and the town attempting to cope with the loss of whatever normalcy Haven once had. Things are changing in a very serious way and really have been since Haven started crumbling at the end of last season. All of that being said, I am endlessly satisfied with the amount of humour that is jam-packed into even the increasingly heavy episodes. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Watch Haven…if you haven’t already


My first major rewatch of the summer season was Haven, if you’re not familiar, this supernatural SyFy series has wrapped up its third season and had begun production on a fourth. It’s a little hokey in places which can be a turn off for some viewers, but for me – well that’s part of the charm. For funsies, and in an attempt to share this lovely show with all of you, I’ve come up with 5 (of the many) reasons you should absolutely catch up on Haven this summer. It’s pretty spoiler-free for those of you who are new and as for you seasoned viewers, we want to hear about your favourite parts of Haven in the comments! Continue reading