Doctor Who “Time Heist”: Don’t Even Think About It

Doctor Who "Time Heist" Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as The Doctor and Clara

“Time Heist” is probably about as far from “Listen” as Doctor Who could get in terms of story type – however it is still just as perfectly in line with what feels right for Doctor Who the show. That Doctor Who is not beholden to be one thing all the time is really part of the charm, as long as the characters at the core are internally consistent, we’re set.

Doing a quick spin from a character study to a bank heist (or, time heist), and doing it well sums up so perfectly Doctor Who. While didn’t quite rise as high for me as “Listen” did, it was just fine. It allowed Capaldi some excellent moments to be both obnoxious and hilarious. You know, calories consumed on the TARDIS don’t have any effect.

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Doctor Who’s “Listen” Has Us Believing Again

Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in Doctor Who "Listen"

Don’t Blink. Don’t Breathe. Don’t Look. Just Listen.

In Capaldi’s fourth episode as Doctor, Steven Moffat managed to reach back and resist his worst tendencies and brought us the finely tuned, “Listen”. And I’m back on board, for now at least.

I recently wrote about my decision to lower my standards and learn to enjoy what Doctor Who has come to be. After “Deep Breath” (ugh), and “Into the Dalek” (fine) I wanted to at least like the show I once loved and continuing to hope for better felt more and more like a fool’s errand. I like Clara well enough – at least what Jenna Coleman does with her, and I’m enjoying what Peter Capaldi is bringing to the character. A different sort of scattered and well — unapologetically rude — and somehow both more and less human than his recent predecessors. So I keep watching.

Then “Listen” happened. I had heard mutterings around even cynical corners of the internet that “Listen” was truly a treat, even then I remained uncertain. But for once, I was not disappointed by the Doctor Who hype. Continue reading

Lowering Expectations and Learning to Enjoy the latest Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 8 Peter Capaldi Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald)

Doctor Who has been very frustrating lately for well, lots of folks. We miss having solid story, more substance and less pizzazz (or lots of pizzazz as long as the substance is there too) and characters we can relate to. The days when companions were our guide into this world and not just ciphers who’s existence revolves around the Doctor. I’m down with total full out silliness, I just need structure, characters, something solid to guide us through the weird.

[**note: Noelle Stevenson @gingerhazing occasionally tweets brilliant criticisms of Doctor Who that are so spot on it hurts. She’s great. Follow her.]

I loved this show, I want to keep loving this show. After watching the first two episodes of season 8, I actually quite like Capaldi, and I’m finding myself more interested in Clara now that she’s playing off him, and Danny Pink and even Journey Blue. Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th: S takes on “The Day of the Doctor”


If you’ve come looking for a review full of effusive praise for the episode, I’m sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not here to tear it down either. There were a lot of things in Day of the Doctor that worked for me, some that didn’t, and some ideas that may take a second viewing to sink in. I’m going to attempt to breakdown my personal experience of the episode, which to me makes the most sense since Doctor Who, perhaps more than any other show, becomes such a personal thing to people. I hope you also share with my your experience in the comments. Continue reading

A List of Sci-Fi and Pop-Cultural Allusions & Borrowings in Defiance

H & S just sat down and watched the first episode of Defiance.There was one thing, or shall we say several things, that we couldn’t help but pick up on. That being the many many sci-fi and pop-cultural allusions and references from our other Viewing Party faves. Continue reading

J’s Thoughts on Castle 4×11 “Till Death Do Us Part”: Some Funny Moments but Where’s the Dancing?

I liked this episode well enough, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  Knowing that it was going to be the “Ryan’s wedding episode” I was really hoping for, um, more of the actual wedding…is that weird?  Much as I enjoyed the final scene (which I’ll get into later) I felt it was a case of too little too late in terms of the plot and pacing of the episode.

Castle and Beckett’s case begins when they find a dead naked dude covered with some fruit.  As they dig further into this guy’s life – full of secret identities, espionage, and picking up women – in addition to watching Ryan prepare for his upcoming wedding with Jenny, their conversations inevitably turn to sex, commitment, honesty, and marriage.  While most of these exchanges are light-hearted and teasing, they do reveal how much Castle and Beckett are scoping each other out for that day when they WILL tie the knot for real.  Sometimes they seem perfectly oblivious to the romantic undertones (or overtones – they weren’t that subtle) of their own words.

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Doctor Who “The God Complex” & Amy Pond, The Girl Who Waited

Doctor Who The God Complex Amy Pond, Rory Williams, RitaI quite enjoyed “The God Complex”; it was a perfectly wonderful and a bit scary, a “mad man in a box” type episode that stands alone from the complex confusion of the main. It was a wacky adventure in a strange alien place that is also a lot like home. Something strange is happening and it’s killing off the small group of survivors one by one until the Doctor saves them, it’s an oft used structure for Who and it works so well.

The reason the “God Complex” was so strong is not only because the weird occurrence story was so compelling, and the supporting characters so interesting, but because it tied in strong character development in a way that wouldn’t confuse new viewers and didn’t get tied up in the mess of the overarching plot. Continue reading

Doctor Who’s Midseason Premiere “Let’s Kill Hitler”: The River Song Story

Doctor-Who-Lets-Kill-Hitler-640x250I really enjoyed Doctor Who’s mid-season return, “Let’s Kill Hitler”. I absolutely loved Doctor Who’s two part season opener with “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon”, yet following that I found the season to be a bit uneven, a mix of excellent episodes with some that weren’t bad, but quite match up to the season opener and episodes like “The Doctor’s Wife” penned by Neil Gaiman.

I know H & J also have mixed feelings about the newer, more convoluted stories put forth by Moffet-Who and don’t share the same kind of dedicated optimism that I have towards the series. Perhaps they’ll chime in on the subject when they get around to catching up with this episode.

I think what made this episode of Doctor Who fantastic was the balance between the characters, the many moving pieces that all worked together (and not scattered apart) to tell the story, and that the questions left hanging by “A Good Man Goes to War” were answered in a way that made sense for the story and provided a jumping off point for the rest of the season.

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Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes to War”…The Warrior-Doctor and the Last Centurion

Demons Run When A Good Man Goes to War

“A Good Man Goes to War” was one of those episodes of Doctor Who that I was really looking forward to more than usual. I was excited to see him call on his friends, to see Rory be a hero, to find out what was happening with Amy, and to learn more about the mysterious River Song.  I was also counting on this episode to make the last few rather weak episodes really count for something, justifying them in a way so long as they satisfied the greater whole with this one.

doctor-who-a-good-man-goes-to-war“A Good Man” was a peculiar episode of Who where nothing really happened, but the premise and the hype called for massive movement. The set up in the episode seemed quite grand but when it came down to the action not much really went on. At first glance the episode is exciting but great deal less impressive upon a second look and further discussion.  It’s like Moffet got caught up in the timey-whimy fun and the misdirection and let the point runaway from him.

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Top 5(ish) Father’s Day Edition: Our Fave TV Dads

For Father’s Day we’re celebrating by putting together a list of our favourite small-screen Dads! Funny, Brave, Badass or all of the above, you’ll find him here.

Did we leave out your favourite TV Dad? Let us know in the comments.

Wilf Mott, Donna’s Granddad, Doctor Who
(Bernard Cribbins)

DOCTOR WHO - The End of Time - Part One Wolf Mott Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins as Wilf Mott with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in the Tardis

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