Can Matt Smith burn like Tennant? Are Gangers like Cylons? S is kinda puzzled by Doctor Who 6×05 “The Rebel Flesh”

I was sadly disappointed with this week’s installment of Doctor Who with “The Rebel Flesh”, keeping in mind this is only part one of two, I’ll try to keep this recap brief and hold most of my thoughts until after I’ve seen the second hour. Either way this is television and we’re only seeing one hour at a time. This is something that should be kept in mind by the creators. Please, make each hour entertaining on its own, even if the story carries over two weeks.

The Rebel Flesh, Doctor Who Matt Smith The Doctor

Matt Smith as the Doctor in "The Rebel Flesh"

I can’t wait until next week where I’ll take a look at what I’ve written here and hope to see that the show will have proved me wrong. I love the ideas, and where they’re coming from but I’m finding the execution to be lacking. I can’t pinpoint just what it is, either that it was slow, or The Doctor seemed oddly useless not only to the situation but to the story.

The Io9 review of “The Rebel Flesh” written by Charlie Jane Anders says The Doctor himself seemed to actually detract from the first hour of the story and only becoming significant in the final moments. I agree with this assessment. We better get major payoff for this wait next week.

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