B Tries to “Be Cool” Discussing Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff

And finally, Chuck returns! I’m going to make an effort to “be cool” and not just ramble on about how much I love this show, but if I fail it’s in part due to this week’s episode being so jam-packed. Such is the case when Chuck returns from a mini-hiatus, especially when the show is gearing up towards a season finale.

All of this season’s major characters had critical roles to play in the episode. I had assumed Alexei Volkoff would be returning and was definitely glad when he did. Same goes for Mama Bartowski and Vivian. The only characters not thrown into the mix this week were the Buy Morons. But as we have discussed before, the show runs so much smoother without these guys. And also, Jeffster is probably off rehearsing for Chuck and Sarah’s wedding, or at least figuring out how to crash it.

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Casey Gets the Job Done – S on Chuck vs The A-Team

Here at The Party we’ve spent the past few weeks wondering what’s going on with Casey. Since his big fall at the hands of pretend-evil Sarah in Chuck vs. The Gobbler he had been relegated to B-plots being the advice guy, dad and *gasp* Morgan’s buddy…well as much as anyone can expect Casey to be. When Director Bentley showed up and took Casey down the secret hallway we expected a much bigger story to come for him a bit sooner. Well Casey, welcome back!

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Top 5: Buy More Moments on Chuck

Chuck is taking a week off from new episodes so to fill the void I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane to a time when the Buy More was an amazing and fun place to be, when Buy Moria and it’s employee’s were relevant to story lines and were … funny.

This was a more difficult list to pare down to 5 than I had first anticipated. Do you agree with my choices? Which Buy More moments would you include?

#5. The Buy More vs. Buster Bluth

Chuck has had many fantastic guest stars over the years. Bringing in Tony Hale (best known for his role as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development) as the efficiency expert for a season long arc at the Buy More was pure genius. Watching him interact with incompetent staff and attempting to create some semblance of order was a great B arc for season 2.

Emmett was a hilarious addition to the Buy More team, although it was his exit in the season 3 premiere Chuck vs. The Pink Slip that made him especially notable.  (Click here to view the scene) He was shot in the head without a moment’s hesitation by a baddie assassin in the Buy More parking lot. The Buy More staff are often in peril but are rarely aware of the situation or are seriously involved. Emmett’s murder was a shocking blurring of the lines for Chuck.

Honorable mention on #5 goes to another nerdy guest star Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan as Tyler Martin, a strung out, burnt out rock star eerily similar to his character on LOST.

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Vivian Volkoff is a breath of Fresh Air – S on Chuck vs. The Bank of First Evil

B wrote about Sarah saying yes to her dress. Read his recap of Chuck vs. The Bank of First Evil here.

I loved “Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil” hands down; I want to watch it over and over again.

I liked the introduction of Vivian Volkoff last week and was intrigued by how she would fit into the story, but I didn’t realize how fantastic her character would prove to be. She is a breath of fresh air for the series that has progressed so far from the start. Vivian brings us full circle to season one, as a reflection of where Chuck started. There is so much potential for Vivian as a character to develop as an ally or the big bad, and to be a mirror to the characters we’ve been with for three years. I really hope she sticks around.

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Sarah Says Yes to the Dress! B on “Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil”

She may not want to run an evil corporation, but Vivian McArthur Volkoff sure knows how to be bad. But is she? The best thing about this mystery is that even she doesn’t know. Often the enemies that Chuck confronts on the show are one-dimensional baddies. Vivian is different. At this point, she is not even a villain. She is a lost soul trying to figure her way through the world.

It’s touching how similar she and Chuck are. Ironically, it is this commonality that is driving a wedge between them. We all know that Chuck is the nothing but honest guy with the dorky smile, yet to Vivian he’s the spy with a mission. I really like Vivian. There is so much that can be done with her character. S, how do you think Vivian’s character will evolve?

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A Very Weird Valentine’s – S on Chuck vs. The Masquarade

More like Chuck vs. The Third Wheel… ha! But really, when Chuck takes on a theme they choose it and hit the ground running.

I absolutely loved the intro, and it was my favourite part of the episode. With two adult couples sharing a space on Valentine’s Day that’s just asking for hijinx to ensue. When the father of one of them women involved is a neighbour, and 1/3 of the awesome spy team that is the other couple he is almost certainly going to interrupt. While this premise could be conventional and boring on any old sitcom, this is Chuck and this is no ordinary Valentine’s Day. I love the moment so much that I mostly want to recap it to capture the awesome.

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It’s all about Sarah & Her Friends – S on Chuck vs. The CAT Squad

It seems like it would be nearly impossible to top the action packed awesome-bomb that was Chuck vs. The Push Mix until we saw Beckman wielding a bazooka. Then we got Chuck vs. The C.A.T. Squad.

Amy: “Have her back by 12.”
Chuck: “Midnight is very sensible.”
Zondra: “Ha. Try noon tomorrow lover boy. Maybe.”

I’m pretty sure that there was nothing I didn’t like about Chuck vs The C.A.T. Squad, and there were certainly a lot of things to love in this non-Valentines Valentine’s Day episode of Chuck. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this post is pretty much a lovefest for Chuck. It was everything I love about the show, nothing I don’t like about the show, and fixing the annoying communication problem between Chuck & Sarah that I think we were all so sick of.

This episode, as H informed me this morning, passed the Bechdel Test in at least two scenes, it was really about Sarah being a woman and having female friends. So of course Chuck, in its fantastically quirky and original style, celebrated Valentine’s Day not by romance as many of the episodes leading up to this have been. But by showcasing friendship, trust and family all things this show so clearly stands for. With my blog posts about Fringe I feel like my writing is getting pretty female focused as of late, but B will be around soon his thoughts on this ep that ought to round things out a bit.

So, Chuck let my love letter to Chuck vs. The C.A.T. Squad commence…

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Beckman and a Bazooka! B on “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible”

B saved up all his love for Chuck for one big day of blog posts. Read his review of “Chuck vs. The Push Mix” here.

Beckman was a dirty blonde?

Last week, S asked how much we love General Beckman. This week, we can answer that question with an unequivocal response – Beckman rules! I was literally on the floor laughing when she pulled out the bazooka. It was interesting to get a glimmer of Beckman’s past. The show has allowed us to explore each of the main character’s inner workings, but Beckman has largely been portrayed as a one-dimensional caricature. I appreciate the push towards humanizing the General while still acknowledging her superiority over everything and everyone.

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Spying on The Perfect Proposal, B Discusses His Favourite Moments From “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”

Previously on The Party S felt like Chuck vs. The Push Mix was the Perfect end to a Season that isn’t done with us yet.


One word is all it takes to describe “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”. Josh Schwartz had been hyping the episode on his Twitter, and he did not disappoint. The plan, the birth, the proposal, everything was awesome. It has been difficult to write about this episode, because it was so good. Instead of typing I find myself watching the episode over and over again, admiring just how well the show is crafted.

The proposal was absolutely brilliant. The subtlety of such an important event, which has been years in the making, was the perfect contrast to everything that happened in the episode and the series so far. The spy world is brash and dramatic; plans are essential for success. Yet when it comes to love, spontaneous moments of intimacy and understanding are what truly make a relationship. What I found especially beautiful about the proposal was how removed the audience was from the scene. We have been part of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship since its inception and in many ways expected to be just as much a part of the proposal. Instead, we were assigned to the roles of spies as we watched from afar what was happening out of earshot. It was not necessary to hear what was being said, nor was it warranted – this was a private moment between lovers.

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It’s not the Series Finale, So What! S on “Chuck vs. The Push Mix”

Oh Chuck, so glad to have you back. I mean the lanky guy with the goofy smile and really good problem solving skills and his sidekick, Morgan. In “Chuck vs. The Push Mix” we still had super agent Chuck, but he went back to basics crafting a plan reminiscent of the push pins and maps we saw at the beginning of the season on Morgan and Chuck’s road trip. I love it.

We need office supplies?

No Morgan, we need a plan.

As you may know, this episode was written so it could be a series finale if need be. I have to say, if it were, it would be a spectacular finale. So much story, so quickly, lots of love and just enough action/thriller to make a perfect ending to Chuck. That being said, I’m thrilled that it’s not, and there is so much story to cover here!

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