Mad Men “Lost Horizon” Review: Let’s Hear it for the Girls

Peggy and Roger Mad Men Lost Horizon Drinking

To crib a totally sexist line from The West Wing, “those women”. I couldn’t help it. This is the line that ran through my head. I pictured Leo and Barlett and Sam and Josh standing by the door admiring the amazing women they work with. But this is me, in my living room, watching the women of Mad Men, seeing how far they’ve come, all showcased beautifully in “Lost Horizon”.

While Joan ultimately doesn’t follow through on her threats telegraphed in an earlier episode to burn the place to the ground. She is miles away from the woman she was when we met her. She was raised to be looked at, to be admired but not necessarily to be respected. The goal was a husband, that would equal financial security and a happily ever after, or some version of that. Now respect is the thing Joan craves the most, but is mostly left without the tools to really win it in this world, especially at McCann.  Continue reading


Mad Men “Time & Life”: Moving On


This (half) season of Mad Men has been a strange one. The first two episodes felt like a strange game of withholding, as if Weiner wanted to see what we would sit through before getting to the good stuff. Fortunately for all of us, “Time & Life” delivered on that “good stuff” then inverted the pattern giving a strange feeling of relief and resignation. He’s telling us that no, it’s never going to be the same again, move on.

Everything old is new again, but this time it’s broken and it all falls apart. The questions “Time & Life” poses to our characters is appropriate on the cusp of a new decade, can they adapt to this brave new world or will they be left alone?

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