Does the Jeffersonian have a Nursery? Bones Season Finale (6×23) – The Change in the Game

After the darkness of “The Hole in the Heart” the tone of “The Change in the Game” was decidedly lighter.  Last week could have been a finale; it had the drama, the big events and a certain amount of closure. For fear of spoiling anyone who hasn’t seen the last two episodes I’ll just cut to the jump right now.

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Why the Timing Was Finally Right(ish) for Booth & Brennan: Bones 6×22 “The Hole in the Heart”

“The Hole in the Heart” was about death; Jacob Broadsky was back and aiming to kill Booth and the Jeffersonion gang by his warped code of ethics and sense of duty to rid the world of bad people, and the people in his way. Booth is the protector of life; he has emotional scars from his time as a sniper but has chosen to deal with these feelings in a positive way, becoming an FBI agent and choosing happiness, life.

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Who’s Ever Heard of a Forensic Podiatrist? Only in Canada – S on Bones 6×17 “The Feet on the Beach”

Last week I started to bug out a little over the lack of forward momentum in Bones these days. There was pretty much zero forward movement this week too, actually, with Brennan’s absolute cluelessness she seems to be going backward. At least there were a few adorable clueless moments.  Luckily the lack of actual hook ups wasn’t as noticeable since there was less focus on the Booth/Brennan coupling and more on the case and Canadians.

Unless you forget your long john’s it’s a piece of cake

We get it Hart Hanson; you’re Canadian, and so is Kathy Reichs, the author of the Temperance Brennan novels…

…and as a Canadian who loves a good shout out when she sees one, good on you – this was a fun one.

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S Attempts to Accept the Glacial Pace of Booth/Brennan Coupledom – Bones (6×16) The Blackout in The Blizzard

We’ve had a number of episodes where the team has been stuck in the Jeffersonian for one reason or another and must solve a case while inside. This time the building has shut down (and lost power) due to a massive blizzard that hit Washington. I’m attempting to approach this review without sounding too bitter towards the show, I continue to enjoy Bones week to week, but the lack of progress is starting to get to me (and after 6 seasons I’d like to think I’ve had the patience of a TVshipper saint!).

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S Talkes Booth’s Dark Side in Bones 6×15 “The Killer in the Crosshairs”

Finally Jacob Broadsky is back in “The Killer in the Crosshairs” as he shapes up to be this season’s big bad. A role he has usurped from The Gravedigger who he assassinated a few episodes back in “The Bullet in the Brain”. This week the case of the week and the Booth vs. Broadsky story were combined, much like “The Bullet in the Brain” where Broadsky was introduced, but far less compelling. (To be fair “The Bullet in the Brain” is going to be very difficult to top.) The similarities are all positive; “Bullet” is more relevant to the season long arc as the show diverges from the standard case-of-the-week format catching up with the man who assassinated the Gravedigger who also has close ties to Booth.

The whole episode focused on the drama between Booth and Broadsky which after such fantastic set-up a few weeks ago fell disappointingly flat. I’m not entirely sure what was off this week but the pace felt uneven and the Angela-Hodgins story was a retread of when Hogins asked Angela to marry him and watching those parts I felt bored. Please let me know in the comments if you disagree, did the baby-naming story work for you? Tell me!

When I watch TV I do it because I love it, not because I love to hate it, so from here on out I will focus on the parts of the episode that really worked for me.

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Mixing Work with Pleasure Valentine’s at the Jeffersonian – S on Bones 6×14 “The Bikini in the Soup”

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was pleased to have a Cam heavy episode, somewhat of a rarity on Bones.  This week seemed like it had way too much Cam, she didn’t really dominate the screen but her declaration of an end of day deadline and her constant remarks urging everyone to shut up and rush were overpowering. I love when a Cam episode is done right like it was two weeks ago in “The Sin in the Sisterhood” but this week her character was sacrificed for plot as she was the irritating shrewish boss ordering everyone to work faster so she could get to her Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Finally! A Cam-centric Episode – S on Bones 6×12 “The Sin in the Sisterhood”

I kind of think it’s hilarious when Bones tries to get topical like the time Booth & Brennan took a field trip to the Jersey Shore to study guidos. It might just be the recent explosion of the reality TV show Sister Wives that felt like Bones was trying to get in on the action.  I’m probably wrong and this topic had nothing to do with the TLC program. It was treated with subtlety and fit very nicely into the storyline lending a hand to a *very meaningful* exchange between Booth and Brennan at the end of the episode… but more on that later.

We haven’t had a Cam-centric episode in a while; I had forgotten how much I love her character. We so rarely see Cam and Booth interact that sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are good friends with a long past. It was nice to be reminded of that as she went to talk to Booth first about her problems in her love life. It was hilarious to watch her stomp around the office shooting guns trying to blow off steam. I’m proud of Cam, she took the best parts of the advice given to her by Angela and Booth and made it work.  Cam and the doc look really good together and he seems really sweet. Their scene at the Founding Fathers at the end was adorable.

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S Gets Geeky about the Camera Work in Bones 6×11 “The Bullet in the Brain”

From the promos we knew that “The Bullet in the Brain” would be a more serious episode of Bones. We knew that The Gravedigger, a.k.a. Heather Taffet a serial killer involved in the long-term arc of the show since season 2, would be involved. The Gravedigger hits the team on an extremely personal note: not only have they worked on her case for years, and testified at her trial, but she made several of them her direct victims. We knew she would be involved, but I had no idea how quickly she would be dispatched.

I’ve often admired certain quirks of the cinematography of Bones, specifically in the earlier seasons. Some odd jump cuts, quick strange angles adding a sense of uncertainty and bizarreness to the show…it’s the details.  A warning before the jump, I’m going to get all sorts of shooting style nerdy, but bear with me, it’s part of what makes this show great, and makes it stand out. Continue reading

Group Dynamics and Little White Lies: Bones “The Body in the Bag”

My favourite part of “The Body in the Bag” was how true to life the awkward life moments felt. There was Clark attempting to fit in with the “group” at the Jeffersonian, and Hannah attempting to deal (without dealing) with the new information about how deep the connection between Booth and Brennan really goes.

I really felt for Clark. It’s hard to fit into a new workspace, especially one with such a tightly knit group like the squints and Booth at the Jeffersonian. The closed off male learning to share and not understanding the boundaries and social etiquette that accompanies that behavior is not a new concept for TV. Here it worked perfectly, in a workplace where co-workers routinely over share and are in personal relationships it is much trickier to understand where you fit.  It highlighted that Clark is still an outsider even when he tries to adapt his behavior to fit in; he is still rebuffed by the group. I loved the depiction of the outsider attempting to navigate the waters of appropriate at a new workplace; I’ve been there, we all have. A new place with new people with their own routines and expectations. I really appreciated the humour and awkwardness about Clark’s clumsy foray into “sharing” that felt so real.

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