Comedy Quickies: April 13/14

It was a busy week! On the docket: Modern Family, Happy Endings, Breaking In, Workaholics, Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Modern Family

I love Claire, I love when she’s mad and flustered and uncomfortable. Julie Bowen is flat out hilarious. Watching her drive around reminiscing about her time in college while trying to talk Hayley into going was fantastic, even better was us knowing what was on the outside of the van when all the men were honking on both sides. Best was Claire starting out furious but then backing down with satisfaction when she heard that most of the calls were for the “hot blonde”. Of course Phil wouldn’t think that through, or even actually check to make sure the van looked right after he got it covered. – S

Loved the van. My favourite moment was Phil’s phone conversation with the potential John. Who knew an MLS listing could sound so dirty?! The Cam and Mitchell plot this week bored me. It’s funny to see Cam freak out and Mitchell step in as the supportive boyfriend, but the audience has seen this same storyline played out countless times already. Characters need to evolve to stay interesting. I was glad to see Jay making an effort to take Gloria’s advice. While he will never be a sappy show-your-love kind of guy, he’s making progress towards being a better family man. I like that. – B

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Comedy Quickies April 6/7

Comedy Quickies for April 6/7 including: The Big Bang TheorySecret Diary of a Call Girl, and new shows Breaking In and Workaholics.

Breaking In

It’s not that I had overly high hopes about this show, but simply based on its premise I expected Breaking In to be a more cleverly crafted comedy. Instead of a tightly wound satire about quirky genius hackers, the show was an overly fast-paced hodgepodge of worn-out humour. Both the characters and the dialogue need more work before this show officially joins the ranks of the other Comedy Quickies shows. That said, I am willing to give the show a chance and see if it can become anything more than just a rejected Chuck script. – B

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B Tries to “Be Cool” Discussing Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff

And finally, Chuck returns! I’m going to make an effort to “be cool” and not just ramble on about how much I love this show, but if I fail it’s in part due to this week’s episode being so jam-packed. Such is the case when Chuck returns from a mini-hiatus, especially when the show is gearing up towards a season finale.

All of this season’s major characters had critical roles to play in the episode. I had assumed Alexei Volkoff would be returning and was definitely glad when he did. Same goes for Mama Bartowski and Vivian. The only characters not thrown into the mix this week were the Buy Morons. But as we have discussed before, the show runs so much smoother without these guys. And also, Jeffster is probably off rehearsing for Chuck and Sarah’s wedding, or at least figuring out how to crash it.

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TV Premieres Schedule, Spring 2011

There are so many great premieres scheduled for this spring. Here are the mid-season shows we are looking forward to. What are you excited to see? Let us know if we missed any of your favourite shows. We will continue to update this page as more premiere dates are announced.


March 6 – Breakout Kings, Season 1 (A&E)
This new series from the writers/producers of Prison Break promises to deliver an action-packed hour of TV each week. We’re still undecided about whether this show will make our must-see TV list, but we will definitely check out the series premiere.

March 24 – The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Season 2 (MTV)
Following the season finale of Jersey Shore, the well-endowed RJ Berger returns for a second season. This season will feature guest appearances by Paris Hilton, Weezer, and Vinny from Jersey Shore.

March 27 – Mildred Pierce, Miniseries (HBO)
Starring Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood, and Melissa Leo, this adaptation of the James M. Cain novel set during the Great Depression is garnering a lot of buzz.

March 28 – Nurse Jackie, Season 3 (Showtime)
Our favourite pill-popping nurse returns. After Kevin and O’Hara stage an intervention, how will Jackie deal with the reality that her life is spiraling out of control?

March 28 – The United States of Tara, Season 3 (Showtime)
Tara goes back to college this season, and Eddie Izzard is her psychology prof. Also, look out for a new alter.

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Sarah Says Yes to the Dress! B on “Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil”

She may not want to run an evil corporation, but Vivian McArthur Volkoff sure knows how to be bad. But is she? The best thing about this mystery is that even she doesn’t know. Often the enemies that Chuck confronts on the show are one-dimensional baddies. Vivian is different. At this point, she is not even a villain. She is a lost soul trying to figure her way through the world.

It’s touching how similar she and Chuck are. Ironically, it is this commonality that is driving a wedge between them. We all know that Chuck is the nothing but honest guy with the dorky smile, yet to Vivian he’s the spy with a mission. I really like Vivian. There is so much that can be done with her character. S, how do you think Vivian’s character will evolve?

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Comedy Quickies for Feb 23/24

Comedy Quickies for February 23/24 covering Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Rec, The Office & 30 Rock!

Modern Family

Love the Gloria barbershop. You insult a woman’s driving, and you use the air bunnies? You do that to me and I kill you.

Lose the C-story just to give characters airtime. I wasn’t a fan of the Cam and Mitch subplot this week. – B

Really like how the story about Phil & Claire’s fight was structured in mini-flashbacks while Phil recounted the story to Gloria as she screamed at him with her boobs in his face and scissors in hand.

Such a great conclusion to the Phil & Claire story, they are such a perfect couple. – S

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Comedy Quickies for Feb 16/17

This week Comedy quickies are brought to you by B, S & H! Hooray!

Modern Family

Love the Xanex washed down with a shot of tequila.

Lose the glitter, it’ll settle in Lily’s lungs. Princess got schooled by Fizbo! Never break character, never, ever. – B

Julie Bowen is at her most hilarious as Claire when she is frozen with embarrassment like she was tonight. So fantastic. I also love that it really was all about Gloria. – S

Fizbo the Court Jester was equal parts terrifying and hilarious, but I loved that just as Cam accepted that he could let someone else take over the enertainment at his daughter’s birthday, Mitchell also accepted that no one could 1up a party’s awesome quite like Fizbo. – H

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Comedy Quickies for February 9/10

Welcome to our new section called Comedy Quickies. Our quick rundown of the half-hour comedies on our radar each week.We’ve got Modern Family, Cougar Town, Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock.

Modern Family

Love the antics of Clive and Juliana, especially when then could care less about the kids.
Lose the sideburns Dylan. Just because Haley hasn’t been single since she was nine, it doesn’t mean she’ll coming running back to you. Actually… yeah it does. – B

I loved the concept of “winning” valentine’s day. It could have worked well with any of the three couples, but it looked good on Gloria & J. I think Dylan was the real Valentine’s Day winner. That was pretty awesome. – S

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Beckman and a Bazooka! B on “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible”

B saved up all his love for Chuck for one big day of blog posts. Read his review of “Chuck vs. The Push Mix” here.

Beckman was a dirty blonde?

Last week, S asked how much we love General Beckman. This week, we can answer that question with an unequivocal response – Beckman rules! I was literally on the floor laughing when she pulled out the bazooka. It was interesting to get a glimmer of Beckman’s past. The show has allowed us to explore each of the main character’s inner workings, but Beckman has largely been portrayed as a one-dimensional caricature. I appreciate the push towards humanizing the General while still acknowledging her superiority over everything and everyone.

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Spying on The Perfect Proposal, B Discusses His Favourite Moments From “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”

Previously on The Party S felt like Chuck vs. The Push Mix was the Perfect end to a Season that isn’t done with us yet.


One word is all it takes to describe “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”. Josh Schwartz had been hyping the episode on his Twitter, and he did not disappoint. The plan, the birth, the proposal, everything was awesome. It has been difficult to write about this episode, because it was so good. Instead of typing I find myself watching the episode over and over again, admiring just how well the show is crafted.

The proposal was absolutely brilliant. The subtlety of such an important event, which has been years in the making, was the perfect contrast to everything that happened in the episode and the series so far. The spy world is brash and dramatic; plans are essential for success. Yet when it comes to love, spontaneous moments of intimacy and understanding are what truly make a relationship. What I found especially beautiful about the proposal was how removed the audience was from the scene. We have been part of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship since its inception and in many ways expected to be just as much a part of the proposal. Instead, we were assigned to the roles of spies as we watched from afar what was happening out of earshot. It was not necessary to hear what was being said, nor was it warranted – this was a private moment between lovers.

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