True Blood “She’s not There” Recap: This is a Post-Edgington World (Season 4 Premiere)

This review was originally published on G33KPRON by Sara.

Previously on True Blood:
Werewolves, biker bars and bad wigs…Nursing Home, Gay Kisses, Crazy Moms, & bat shit crazy Franklin…
White Trash, Crystal (Meth) and Arlene’s Demon Spawn …Dog Fights, Old underpants, Vampire Bride Tara, Murder & Fairy Blood that gets Vamps jacked….Witches, Viking Kings, Homicidal, Crazy, Dandy Vampire Russell Edgington, and fratricide (or so we thought) …Concrete graves, meaningful haircuts and we’re not done yet…Crouching Tiger Hidden Vampires Fighting and a journey into the Fairy light

True Blood had more happen in their 2 minutes of previouslies than most shows have going on in a season. I don’t know about you, but the sheer amount of crazy shit that goes down in Bon Temps in a span of a couple weeks is why I love this show so dearly.

Before the Opening Credits we’re treated to part of the first 8 minutes that have been kicking around the internet for weeks now. In case you have iron will and haven’t watched it yet, Sookie has been transported to fairyland that like, exists under the cemetery. A magical Grecian inspired place where beautiful people mingle and wear a lot of white.

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