Casualties of War & Bad Timing – S on Castle 3×17 “Countdown”

J covered a lot of the back and forth of Castle & Beckett’s relationship in her review (here!) so I will try not to linger on that too long, and hopefully bring something new to the conversation. “Set Up” was fantastic (read what I thought here) but would have been nothing without this action heavy second half.  There are major developments in the Castle/Beckett saga as well as the major developments in the terror storyline plus a resolution for Fallon.

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Chilling Blues, Heartfelt Conversations & Volumes of Uncertainty – S on Castle 3×16 “Setup”

Last week J wrote that she was on the edge of her seat watching “Setup” read her review here.

As in many of the “intense” Castle episodes like “Knockdown” this year and the two-parter last season the entire show changes tone for these occasions. It’s not enough to bring in a high-stakes storyline if the rest of the production doesn’t match, as always Castle brings it all to the table.

From the beginning the show through us into the action with no context – fantastic way to setup (pun not intended) the rest of the episode. So much of this two-parter “Set Up “and “Countdown” is about terrifying uncertainty.

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