Playing Spot the Differences with Outlander Key Art


The second half of Outlander season 2 is coming up in the next few weeks and Claire, our bad ass time travelling heroine, has been through a hell of a lot in the first half season alone. Based on the cliffhanger we’ve been left on we can expect there’s a lot more to come.

I definitely did a double take when I saw the new key art for season 1b. Continue reading


So Many Clones! Orphan Black Gets Multi-Channel Premiere & After Show

The Return of the Clones is happening April 18th and it’s gonna be big! Not only is there a full season 1+2 marathon coming up (Jello snacks with extra sugar for all!) beginning Saturday April 11 on Space, the big Orphan Black season 3 premiere is hitting 4 channels at once, Space, MTV, Bravo and CTV – so no excuses for missing out.

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X Company Premiere Review

X Company Cast

X Company a new WWII spy drama premieres on the CBC tonight (Feb 18) based on a real Canadian spy training camp. The big name that drew me into this one was Evelyne Brochu (Orphan Black), also starring Jack Laskey, Hugh Dillon, Warren Brown, and Connor Price. Some of you might recognize the co-creators Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis (Flashpoint).

I don’t want to say too much because I think this is a show best seen fresh. But, watch it. And watch it with a friend, someone you can grab on to, because it gets real. I say this as someone who watched it alone, in a theatre full of people and to resist strong urges to jump and grab onto my neighbour at certain points. The stakes feel so real and the tension is palpable throughout the hour. Continue reading

She’s a Wild One: New Orphan Black Teaser

Ah, the teaser. The perfect 15 second clip that creates more questions than clues. But we’ll take it. The latest glimpse of Orphan Black’s third season features Sarah across from one of the Project Castor (Ari Millen) clones.

Boy clone asks “What is the wild one doing with Dyad?”.

My questions: Who is the wild one? Does that refer to Sarah, or the entire Tatmas set of clones? How many other sets are there? Why does he think she’s with Dyad? How did this conversation come about?

Orphan Black Season 3 premieres April 18th on Space and BBC America. 

New 2-Minute Outlander Trailer Shows Claire Kicking Ass

caitriona-balfe as claire randall in outlander

Based on the 2-minute Outlander trailer provided by Showcase and a little dose of head!canon, I’m inclined to believe that Season 1b of Outlander consists of Claire getting all bad ass, making lady-friends, lady-enemies, other enemies as a bad ass bitch like Claire will do, and setting off on a quest to save her pretty new husband resulting in a painful and also steamy reunion.  Continue reading

Amanda Schull on Action & Adaptation in the new 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys Amanda Schull

We sat down with Amanda Schull back in December for an awesome talk about her work in the new series adaptation of Terry Gillian’s cult classic, 12 Monkeys. Even at the end of a long day, Amanda was bright and shiny and ready to tell us all about what makes 12 Monkeys distinct from the film, moving between action and comedy/drama, and how her dance background lends itself to action scenes.

On watching the movie “12 Monkeys” and comparing to the source material

I didn’t rewatch before I shot the pilot. I did not want to allow that determine my character, the choices I made, or anything because it’s its own thing and we’re our own entity. As much as we are an adaptation and we’re taking certain ideas and storylines we’re definitely expanding on things and starting new storylines and she’s a very different character from the character that was initiated by Madeleine Stowe. And so I didn’t rewatch it but after we shot the pilot I rewatched it and remembered how great it was.  Continue reading

The Best of “You’re The Worst” …Pt. One

You're The Worst "Sunday Funday"

After an impromptu “You’re the Worst” binge in which we rewatched the first 5 episodes over tea and brownies we could not stop laughing. If you need a hilarious, fast paced, edgy comedy with heart to binge over the holidays, this is it.

Check out some of our favourite moments from the first half of the season, provided with minimal context (you really have to watch the show) and stay tuned for pt. 2 coming after our next binge session. Continue reading

The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow and the trouble with headcanon

Sleepy Hollow

Hold up folks – before you read just know that there are spoilers within for the mid-season finales of Sleepy Hollow and The Walking Dead, and possibly some other things that are well past their spoiled-by date.

Have you ever had that moment–maybe it just takes a minute, maybe it happens the next day or even weeks later–when you realize that what you saw happen in a show you just watched didn’t actually really happen that way?  It happens to me all the time. A show just doesn’t do the work and so I construct a make-shift headcanon to help those carefully crafted emotional punches or rousing finale moments land because I really, really want for it to work.

Last week I had major moments like that happen to me in the mid-season finales for Sleepy Hollow and The Walking Dead.Both are shows that I like, that I enjoy, and that I just really want to enjoy more …So I make up the moments I need in my head.  Continue reading

Marvel Brings Out Two New Kick-Ass “Agent Carter” Teasers

haley atwell agent carter teaser

Finally, Marvel released TWO new amazing teasers for Agent Carter that have dispatched with that awful, sexist tagline I will not repeat again.

If you haven’t already heard, my The Viewing Party folks, I (Sara) am so stoked to be covering all things Agent Carter at The Televixen! So check out the two new teasers & my thoughts right here!

Look for updated posts here and at the Televixen linking to all sorts of Agent Carter news, and recaps!

Haven “Nowhere Man”/”Exposure”: Who Is Audrey Parker?


There’s always been more to Audrey Parker  than meets the eye. A mysterious being, a product of the barn, just another incarnation, even when she was at her more pure Audreyness back in season one. But now that Audrey, actual independent Audrey exists, who is she?

It’s like she’s a brand new person full of manufactured memories and then several years of her own plus whatever else has rubbed off. And maybe, for the first time, she’s independent of this big mission, the keeper of the barn, solver of the troubles. She’s a human person who likes to help people, but without the benefit of her supernatural abilities. Now, that’s kinda cool.  Continue reading