X Company Premiere Review

X Company Cast

X Company a new WWII spy drama premieres on the CBC tonight (Feb 18) based on a real Canadian spy training camp. The big name that drew me into this one was Evelyne Brochu (Orphan Black), also starring Jack Laskey, Hugh Dillon, Warren Brown, and Connor Price. Some of you might recognize the co-creators Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis (Flashpoint).

I don’t want to say too much because I think this is a show best seen fresh. But, watch it. And watch it with a friend, someone you can grab on to, because it gets real. I say this as someone who watched it alone, in a theatre full of people and to resist strong urges to jump and grab onto my neighbour at certain points. The stakes feel so real and the tension is palpable throughout the hour.

Shot entirely in Hungary for France and Canada the on location sets are beautiful, matched with excellent costume and set designs, it adds a real grounding to the story.

The one nagging concern I have coming away from the pilot episode is that Alfred Graves, the one character that is perhaps meant to be the centre of the series is almost completely inessential. I worry that a focus on him in upcoming episodes will take away from what I love about the pilot. It’s the core team that I care about, who I’ve invested in and whose stories I want to follow. That being said, it’s just the one episode, and that episode was great and I’m so in it for the next. So what I’m saying is, loved the pilot and if the show continues to be more of what this episode promises we’re all in for a treat!

Watch X Company tonight at 9pm on CBC


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