Haven “Nowhere Man”/”Exposure”: Who Is Audrey Parker?


There’s always been more to Audrey Parker  than meets the eye. A mysterious being, a product of the barn, just another incarnation, even when she was at her more pure Audreyness back in season one. But now that Audrey, actual independent Audrey exists, who is she?

It’s like she’s a brand new person full of manufactured memories and then several years of her own plus whatever else has rubbed off. And maybe, for the first time, she’s independent of this big mission, the keeper of the barn, solver of the troubles. She’s a human person who likes to help people, but without the benefit of her supernatural abilities. Now, that’s kinda cool. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how Audrey handles the conflict of no longer having immunity to the troubles, what that lack of a connection means for her as she defines herself, and how that will affect her relationship with Nathan.

Now, I’m not doubting that Audrey and Nathan have true, real feelings for one another, but there’s also no way that their special trouble-related connection doesn’t play into it at all. The question we’ve all had on our minds will finally be put to the test, how much of the Nathan/Audrey love has been them, and how much has to do with the troubles.

Being the only woman Nathan can feel is something powerful, that feeling of proof of specialness, proof that they fit, a weirdly specific and rare way to gauge the compatibility of a relationship, no longer exists. Will Audrey continue to feel such a strong a connection with him not only knowing that he can’t feel her anymore? I can’t imagine that loss is something to be taken lightly. And how will Nathan manage losing the ability to feel the love of his life (I’m guessing, not well).

Look, I’m not calling myself a relationship expert or anything, but the ability to feel your partner tends to be pretty important aspect of romantic relationships.

At the same time, the Nathan-Audrey relationship finally feels a lot more equitable. The stakes of their being together are more than ever just about them, not about the fact that she’s the only one who he can feel, or whether loving her enough save Haven. It’s back to them. Although, this is Haven, what are the chances this will last long?

What I’m saying is – the show is now in incredibly fertile character building territory for both Audrey and Nathan. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this takes us.


Other notes on new directions Haven is taking – I’m completely into the Duke/Mara thing, whatever it is. They’ve been building up quite the rapport those two. She plays a good foil to Duke, and she seems to be into him just as much as she wants to crush him. Duke, he really needs someone to talk to, and even if she’s the worst person for it – she’s there.

What do you all think of where Haven5 has been taking us? 


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