The Walking Dead “Strangers” Review: Still All About Carol

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in Episode 2  "Strangers" The Walking Dead Photo by Gene Page/AMC

The best part of “Strangers” must have been when Rick had the good sense and courtesy to ask Carol if it would be okay for the group to join her. It’s refreshing to see Rick, who has been the defacto leader for so long, realizing that he’s only here now because of Carol, the woman he banished and sent off on her own not so long ago. She graciously accepted the group back, because of course she did.

The next best part of “Strangers” was basically any time Carol and Daryl share the screen. They are both survivors. I love that Carol is setting up a back up stash of supplies in that car, that she’s doing it and we’re seeing it. And Daryl reminding Carol that she saved them all, all by herself. He is the swooning damsel and I love it. More instances of showing us how Carol has survived, and transformed into someone who can make it outside of her now being a great shot, and exceedingly brave. I’m also really interested in seeing how Daryl has been coping with the loss of Beth, someone he was really beginning to bond with. I’m very hopeful for a plot that both gives us some follow up on Beth and kicks off a Carol/Daryl adventure.

Now, let’s talk about Bob. What is going on with him. There are lots of rumours floating around the internet, some that include comics spoilers. But based solely on what we see happen in the episode – I feel comfortable saying that most people watching assumed Bob had been bit in the water during the scavenging mission. His face hardly held an expression of relief when he was pulled away from the walker. When he exited the warmth of church to cry alone in the churchyard it seemed like he was a man doomed, it just didn’t feel like an inner-demons kind of cry. I thought he was just about to be a walker.

Instead, we got a page straight out of Hannibal’s cookbook sitting, and watching the creepy Terminus Cannibal Crew chow down on his recently amputated limb. Now, he could be tainted meat and those of us who assumed he was a goner by way of walkers are still right. There still seems to be more to this kidnapping than meets (meats?) the eye. I’m not 100% convinced he hasn’t been bitten, but if he hasn’t – what was he doing out there alone?

And a hail of bullets:

  • Michonne reflexively reaching for her missing sword, then still slaying the walkers with that look on her face. Perfection.
  • So glad the show remembered that Glenn was a pro-scavenger
  • Grateful for the comic releaf of Glenn tripping over a mop
  • Also Glenn, who is he speaking for when he says they’re all behind Rick as leader? And why are they all still following him?
  • So many new clothes opportunities possible on that scavenging mission. It was driving me crazy to see them passing those racks by
  • Do we trust the priest? What’s his deal. And “Though Shalt Not Kill” in big bold letters – a little heavy handed?
  • I really like what’s going on with Carl and Rick, he’s trying to hard to be grown up, resourceful, useful. Rick is becoming more protective and paranoid as Carl appears to be so even keeled

What did you think of “Strangers”? What do you think is going on with Bob? And what do we think the story is with the church?

Photo Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC


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