Haven: “Spotlight” S is Troubled by Nathan’s Dangerous Obsession

Haven Spotlight Emily Rose Mara

“Spotlight” was appropriately titled, as the episode primarily focused on the Nathan/Mara/Audrey dynamic. This is the big forever love, and creating what is nearly a bottle episode where Nathan and Mara face off alone in a cabin is an incredibly powerful tool to use at this point in the game.

The claustrophobia of the cabin oozed off the screen. Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose were fabulous, circling each other trying to find the way in, and the way out. Mara luxuriates in being bad, teasing Nathan about his gal Audrey while stripping for him. She needles him (perhaps rightly so) about his affair with another Audrey doppelganger, Sarah. She tells him he should have met more of them, he would have fallen head over heels for each and every one. She’s right. Nathan feels her and he’s in her orbit. I dare you to tell me that kiss wasn’t coming from both directions.

It’s sweet, yet unsurprising when Nathan accesses Audrey treating Mara like Audrey. Skipping the middle man, looking through. Making her laugh and feeding her pancakes. He finds her again for a moment. And there’s that hope.

Haven "Spotlight" Mara and Nathan Emily Rose Lucas Bryant

Nathan is desperate, he’s scared and he’s lost. He has hope that he can save Audrey from Mara and in that glimmer of hope he loses control. With the noblest intentions he alienated his allies, Duke and Dwight; he lies to them because he knows he’s lost control. Save Audrey, Save Haven. It makes sense.

The thing about epic fictional romances is that often the reason they are so powerful and resonant with us is because they come with heightened emotions and extreme situations. Particularly in fantasy and science fiction, these heightened emotions come along with especially dire situations and stakes, often literal life and death or something equally devastating. Often these romances involve behavior types that range from irrational to full on psychotic obsession, reciprocated to various degrees.

Nathan loves Audrey, Audrey loves Nathan. The Audrey/Lexi hybrid that existed last season was in on this mutual love feeling. We’re cool with this arrangement. But let’s be real, Nathan’s love for Audrey is also an obsession, and it has a history of destruction.

This is not the first time Nathan’s love for Audrey has overcome reason, and even led him to completely disregard Audrey’s own wishes. Season three ended with Nathan ignoring Audrey’s decision to enter the barn and save the town from the troubles for another 27 years. He acts selfishly, destroying the barn, shooting Agent Howard, destroying the barn and as a result, the town. Yes, these actions come out of love, and sure, Nathan thinks saving Audrey is tied into saving the town (which is not an entirely unreasonable thing to think), but he’s not really known for making excellent choices when it comes to Audrey rescue missions.

When Mara reminded Nathan that she has access to all of Audrey’s memories she asked him if he’s wondering if Audrey loved him as much as he loves her. I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was not exactly what he was looking for. I think Mara knows this. [Edited to add] It’s certainly worth noting that Mara flashed back to Audrey’s kiss with Duke. Audrey may not be hung up on Duke, but turns out Mara is. Does it count as a love triangle or square when two people involved are sort of one person?

I love me some Audrey Parker, but I’ve got to say, the more I see of Mara the more I don’t want to see her go. She is incredible.

Haven "Spotlight" Mara and Duke Emily Rose Eric Balfour

A couple other notes on “Spotlight”

  • The story elements outside the cabin were done a disservice to be paired with such an intense A story, we could have done without the “trouble of the week” leaving more room for how Duke and Dwight (and the guard) are dealing with the continuing deterioration of Haven and the search for Mara
  • Digging Mara’s Han Solo-esque outfit, and nicely paired with a lightsaber trouble of the week
  • Love how Duke’s trouble overload is given some further context this week – of course Mara can help. What a cliffhanger!
  • 100% behind Duke’s grief haircut, now without the hat – just a peek.
  • More Gloria please
  • And more Dwight.
  • Nathan just casually has shackles and chains on hand. What else is he hiding in the blue truck? Its mysteries run deeper than his blue, blue eyes

What did you think of “Spotlight”? What do you think of Nathan going rogue, do you think he could have been more honest with Duke and Dwight, enlisting their help instead of being cryptic and evasive (suspicious). And Mara managed to go a week without murder –so…doing better?

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