Doctor Who “Time Heist”: Don’t Even Think About It

Doctor Who "Time Heist" Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as The Doctor and Clara

“Time Heist” is probably about as far from “Listen” as Doctor Who could get in terms of story type – however it is still just as perfectly in line with what feels right for Doctor Who the show. That Doctor Who is not beholden to be one thing all the time is really part of the charm, as long as the characters at the core are internally consistent, we’re set.

Doing a quick spin from a character study to a bank heist (or, time heist), and doing it well sums up so perfectly Doctor Who. While didn’t quite rise as high for me as “Listen” did, it was just fine. It allowed Capaldi some excellent moments to be both obnoxious and hilarious. You know, calories consumed on the TARDIS don’t have any effect.

What “Time Heist” did have in common with “Listen”, was the use of time travel tied into the plot of the story. And once again, it was done in a way that served the story. While the time travel of it all was a bit loopy, I’m willing to forgive it because it was part of the story rather that a weird add-on. I was getting mega “Back to the Future” vibes from this one. With Capaldi seemingly channeling Doc Brown as he pieced together the plan that was planned…from the future! Add in the bit about needing the storm to come in at the precise moment and BAM, it’s basically an homage.

Another commonality with “Listen” (And “Blink” and “Deep Breath”) is adding to the things we don’t do that will save us. This time, we can’t even think. While this particular concept wasn’t executed on a level that was as powerful as “Don’t Blink” and “Don’t Look” (So Moffat, maybe ease up on the “don’ts” before you kill it), the idea of saving yourself by not thinking fits in beautifully with the idea of playing with the way fear works. If thinking means you are, what happens when you just don’t?

I like how the idea ties in very closely to “Listen” as controlling fear, and thinking will save you from this threat – like not looking protects you from the monster under the bed. Maybe this theme of fear will continue through this season – at least I can hope.

Just a few other notes:

  • Once again Clara’s outfit is killing it. Her suit is AMAZE.
  • The Doctor, almost shockingly, doesn’t seem to skip a beat when Psi is killed – too wrapped up in the puzzle to be solved, or had he already figured it out? Thank goodness everybody lives.
  • Looks like Danny & Clara are doing alright. They are really very charming. Really looking forward to them spending more screen time together next week (which based on the preview looks Danny heavy, yay!)

What did you think of “Time Heist”?

Images Courtesy of BBC America


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