Haven “Speak No Evil”: Duke Exercises the Power of Denial

Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour in Haven "Speak No Evil"

Following “See No Evil”, which reoriented us into the world where Mara is back and the lighthouse has been destroyed for the umpteenth time, “Speak No Evil” does some heavy lifting setting up our main characters for the season.

Nathan is looking as badly as the make-up team can make Lucas Bryant look, having been shot and all. He’s suffering from a Mara inflicted bullet wound, and while that would be the thing hurting a normal person it’s the anguish of heartbreak that’s really causing Nathan’s pain. It’s likely that the only thing keeping him alive as he bleeds out on the beach is his unbreakable optimism that Audrey must be in there because she didn’t actually murder him.

Duke is so busy expositing the whole bit about how all the troubles cured by Crockers are back and flowing through him that he doesn’t even notice that Nathan is literally bleeding out directly next to him. Kind of funny right? That, and Nathan doesn’t even bother to interrupt. He’s basically a pro at getting shot at this point.

Emily Rose as Mara in Haven "Speak No Evil"

Early on in “Speak No Evil” we’re given another reminder right off the bat that Audrey ain’t home anymore – just in case we were feeling sentimental. Mara gets stabby with a vitamin saleswoman with a weird superiority complex regarding her Boston outfit. With her newly acquired duds, Mara is ready to track down the aether William left behind in order to wreak havoc – get through some thinnies and stuff.

Gloria stealthily became such a rock. She’s funny, smart and savvy. She has the presence of mind not to take a suspicious looking Audrey at face value and brilliantly thinks on her feet saving not only herself, but the town in hiding the aether. She expertly has tough talks with both Nathan and Duke about loss, and love and not without a touch of her trademark dry wit. She offers comfort that can only come from someone who has lived through what she has. She really is something special, sitting next to Duke, the man who killed her son, sharing in his grief, trying to lighten the load just a bit. She is also the one who magically, even if it’s only for a few moments, convinces Nathan that he might have to let Audrey go.

Jayne Eastwood as Gloria in Haven Speak No Evil

Hey! Guys! Remember The Guard! (Let’s take a moment to remember Jordan). It seems like this is going to be a big thing again. With Vince distracted by the secrets being kept by his world-jumping brother, he drops the ball and gets a troubled person hospitalized.

The troubles are getting worse and the Guard is lining up behind Dwight, who may be biting of a hella lot more than he can chew. I get that he’s under a lot of stress, but Dwight probably could have handled that transition better – Vince is definitely a guy you want on your side.

Duke and Nathan are suffering mirroring cases of denial, Duke so convinced that Jennifer is coming back, and well enough to go on a trip as soon as he finds her that he has a bag packed and Nathan – we all know Nathan will never believe that Audrey is truly gone. Something that could as much be what saves Haven as the thing that destroys it.

Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker in Haven "Speak No Evil"

We all knew that Nathan believes in big true forever love and all that. And we knew that Nathan was going to try to save Audrey with the power of love. But here’s the thing. Mara was hella not wrong when she called Nathan out on his pervy moves. Audrey is not yours, Mara is not yours. And it is 100% not okay to go kissing unconscious women without their consent – even if she is an evil force inhabiting your girlfriend’s body.

So now that that’s out of the way – was it Audrey reaching through in that moment. Did Nathan’s Prince Charming/Snow White move work for half a minute?  How deep down is she and what will it take to fight against the very willful and powerful Mara?

We’ve left this for last, maybe we’re in denial too. Another Haven lady gone too soon.

The female secondary characters don’t tend to last too long. Jennifer was really starting to find a place in this town, and it was great to have another gal in on this gang. Though women on this show have a tendency to get themselves killed (RIP Jordan, Evi, Claire). Jennifer, you will be missed, and not only by Duke.

Other points & thoughts:

  • Mara asks Nathan to take off his shirt… slowly. Then he doesn’t. And she just takes that? We’re very disappointed with her lack of follow through on this one.
  • We’ve often pointed out that Nathan falls for all Audreys. Maybe all Audreys have a thing for Nathan too (there’s certainly a trend) –just differently and a bit less creepy since they are different people (sorta) and he’s the same.
  • “When I return, you shall be spared my wrath. Bye Vicki”. Emily Rose delivers this line with such glee as she skips into the portal
  • Jugs Ahoy!
  • DUKE + NATHAN BUDDIES = Awesome. Although y’know. These were not excellent circumstances.

What did you think of “Speak No Evil”? Where do you think Nathan took Mara? How long will Dwight be able to hold this all together?

Images Courtesy of Showcase and Syfy

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