Tribute to the Real Bomb Girls in Scarborough


The Bomb Girls Facebook page brought to our attention a new mural paying tribute to the real Bomb Girls of WWII in Scarborough (Warden & St. Clair). Montreal based graffiti artist, Omen, worked in collaboration with StARToronto (Street Art TOronto) to create this mural paying homage to the women who worked in ammunitions, “bomb girls”, and the history of the Scarboro Junction and beautifying our fair city.

Canadian artist OMEN recently painted this amazing mural at Warden & St. Clair in Scarborough paying tribute to the real life Bomb Girls who worked at the GECO plant in that area during WW2. GECO, along with DIL in Ajax is one of the factories VicMu was based on. Definitely check out the mural if you’re in the area! (Bomb Girls Facebook)

10599216_10204895772703880_8374308427857142279_n 10389666_10204895771903860_7818034955205889753_n

 Images Courtesy of Omen on Facebook

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