Haven Season 5 Premiere: “See No Evil”

Emily Rose as Mara in Haven Season 5 Premiere See No Evil

“See No Evil” is so many of the things I had hoped for as we gain Mara as the big bad this season.

While we’ve lost “Audrey” before, it’s never been like this. Mara not only removes Audrey from the equation, replacing her with a strong antagonist, but the fact that she is a part of Audrey ups the drama in the betrayal of her friends. Mara, finally free from being all locked up in the cage of do-gooders for 500 years, is so deliciously villainous.

Mara has more knowledge, more power, and as the “original” she may even hold a greater claim to Audrey (Mara’s?) body. For a show entering its fifth season, this completely flips the script, keeping the show fresh while playing within the parameters of this fantasy world.

Mara knows all sorts of goodies that could open doors this season, she’s got inside scoop about the troubles, doors to other worlds, and this holds the key to some pretty juicy drama. She knows about Nathan’s fling with Sarah back in the day (and she probably knows what happened to the Colorado Kid). Plus, she knows just how to get under everyone’s skin. Torturing poor Nathan with hope, and knowing how to catch Dwight off guard with curving bullets – these are just a couple of the fun tricks Mara has up her sleeve.

Added bonus – Emily Rose being bad, is just so so good!

Adam Copeland as Dwight in Haven Season 5 Premiere See No Evil

Dwight (Adam Copeland) continues to be one of my favourite parts of Haven. His incredibly grounded nature complements the drama of the core three (and a town of odd balls – looking at you Vince & Dave). This is already putting him into conflict with the increasingly unhinged Nathan—a performance from Lucas Bryant that we’re really looking forward to this season.

“Mara is important, Dwight” “So is everybody else in this town”

Nathan is stuck on the idea of Audrey, even after everything he’s witnessed, “that’s still Audrey’s body” he says. It must be hard work to convince himself of this these days. Audrey hasn’t been Audrey for a while—at least, not completely. “None so blind as those who will not see” Mara quotes at Nathan. It’s perfectly apt. She doesn’t need to have all of Audrey & co.’s memories to know him—he’s an open book to her.

Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos in Haven Season 5 Premiere See No Evil

In case we, like Nathan, were wondering how much Audrey is left in there, that zero hesitation execution of coffee guy Sam was a pretty good way to shut that down. If Audrey is in there, it’s deep, deep down.

Duke meanwhile spends the hour distracted by the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer (and I was just starting to warm to her). Ladies of Haven just can’t seem to catch a break. That being said—I was very impressed with Duke’s methodical search & rescue skills. So there’s that.

There’s also that pretty major thing about all of the troubles in the Crocker blood being released back into the world. This seems to pay off the oddly long time spent with baby Aaron and Gloria in the opening of the episode, with an especially obvious reminder of his trouble.

Missing Jennifer and renewed troubles dumps a lot on Duke in a very short amount of time. I can see both of these things bringing him into conflict with Nathan very quickly, and even cause tension with Dwight who is (like the senior Chief Wuornos once did) trying with everything he has to hold this town together.

We close with Mara shooting Nathan, leaving him face down in the ground, bleeding. She doesn’t finish him off. Are those Audrey/Sarah type-feels keeping him alive in that moment—or does Mara just see value in keeping a man around to do her bidding?

Haven Season 5 Premiere See No Evil

Stray thoughts

  • “That Lighthouse just can’t catch a break” You tell ’em Gloria. The lighthouse man is right, insurance in this town has got to be off the charts!
  • “The handsome ones don’t happen to be very smart, do they?” Mara may be evil but her taste in men hasn’t exactly changed.
  • Duke’s tight pants.
  • There’s Something wonderful about having an entire plot point revolve around Nathan waiting for the literal tide to change
  • The word thinny is kind of hilarious, right

What did you think of “See No Evil”?

Images Courtesy of Showcase

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