Summer Rewatch: Gossip Girl Season One

 -Hi-Society-carter-baizen serena van der woodson

The dog days of summer call for lazy days of rewatching old series, avoiding the hot hot heat … or in the case of this strange August, avoiding the annoyingly autumnal weather.

Gossip Girl’s first season  is top notch summery froth filled with drama, scandal and fashion. All this, plus being available on Netflix, made it a prime contender for a summer binge-watch. 

As I dove in, I realized that more ground is covered in season one gets in deeper than I initially remembered, including the first appearances of two excellent Gossip Girl villains, The Winter Solider himself, and a perennial favourite of mine, Sebastian Stan as a foil to the UES crew, Carter Baizen and Ms. Georgina Sparks, played by none other than Michelle Trachtenberg.

Blair and Serena are off again, on again and so on again while Little Jenny Humphrey plays at the peripheries while the sidekicks watch on. Chuck is a jerk and Nate is beautiful and clueless and Dan… well, he’s kind of a creep.

With ridiculous teen angst, love triangles, family drama, fashion shoots, mean girls, cotillions, and Rufus’s ridiculous hair – what more could you ask for in a summer binge-watch? Season one is as excellent as I remember. Now let’s get watching!


What have you been watching or rewatching this summer? Do you have a go-to “guilty pleasure” show?


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