“Under the Dome”: Watch Out, Ladies

***This post contains spoilers for Under the Dome up to and including the season 2 premiere. You know the drill, process with caution.**

under the dome sheriff linda esquivel natalie martinezWe enjoyed Under the Dome when it premiered last summer. The premise seemed just goofy enough to pique our interest and the mystery set up in episode one kept our interest through the fairly well paced 13-episode season.

We also noticed an unfortunate trend. In a show like this we expect there to be a death toll, that’s the nature of the beast and that’s not really the problem. But with the exception of Duke, all major character deaths have been women.

When the season 2 premiere swiftly dispatched Linda, a really interesting character that has anchored us to the story since the beginning, it didn’t feel like a brave or interesting choice for the story. Instead, we just saw the show’s neon lights screaming “look at us, we’re not afraid to kill people.” And by “people” they seem to mean they are unafraid to kill the female leads while the men can run around Chester’s Mill, literally trying to die and still make it out unscathed… ’cause Dome stuff.

under the dome angie britt robertson

The episode ended with a weird shift in tone, turning into a slasher flick (which, sure, fine), and took out Angie–another female lead who’s story had appeared to tie very closely with the role of the Dome–it was a rather nail-in-the-coffin moment for us with this show. We found it difficult to see the forest for the trees. And the trees were all ladies getting murdered.

Below is an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of the prominent deaths in Under the Dome so far.. -Angie, Linda, Dodie, Max, Agatha, Alice, Rose, Duke, Rev Coggins … see what we mean?

There’s still interesting mystery and character to be explored, but the deaths in the season premiere soured the rest of the episode as it cemented the uncomfortable trend from season 1. We’ll keep watching, at least for a little longer, and hope that this track record course corrects.

For now we say, watch out Julia Shumway!


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