Orphan Black Hits the Ground Running in Season 2 Premiere, “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”

Orphan_Black_Season_2_Epsiode_1_Diner_Scene Orphan Black "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed" Season 2 Premiere Tatiana Maslany

[Spoilers ahoy for Orphan Black Season 2 Premiere “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” and prior. You know the drill.]

Let’s be honest – did anyone not spend about 5 minutes in the first half of the season opening thinking “Wow. So much Felix butt.”, because I did. It was just out there and everything. I kinda love it. Isn’t that what the show is all about – just putting it all out there, up front and then driving ahead full tilt?

Speaking of hit the ground running – we pick up season 2 right where we left off – dangerously on the edge of what can so easily devolve into the most annoying TV trope of all time – a parent screaming, searching for their missing their child. Luckily, there’s a lot more going on to balance Sarah’s nearly single-minded determination to find Kira and Mrs. S.

Like That. Diner. Scene.  The wide shots of the diner only served to make Sarah seem more alone as she entered. Followed by the eerie point of view shots and the uneven angles we feel as upended as she does.  As Sarah’s focus pulls into her phone – even the server getting her tea becomes suspicious. the slow motion before the frenetic jump as Sarah runs for it and makes an escape that is so like her… there’s no way out so she makes one. And this is why the men don’t tell these ladies what’s “best” for them.

We’ve got Alison attempting to rehab her life (but she still knows a guy) and is doing an absolutely horrific (and in one of the wonderfully self-reflexive moments – is a hilarious blatant metaphor for her crimes) musical theatre. The look on Detective Bell’s face when he walked into that community theatre rehersal– that was me too, except I kind of loved it. Not to mention fighting off multiple dudes that possibly abduct people professionally and still gets those costumes done up. I am completely looking forward to Alison’s guilt fueled breakdown this season. It’s going to be wonderful and quite possibly include song and drugs from her dear friend Fi.

And there’s this Cosima-Delphine situation going on. I, like Sarah, don’t completely trust Delphine. Her connection to the Dyad Institute is too close – even if her intentions are to protect Cosima we don’t know the extent of her attachment to the institute, or her loyalty to the other clones. I do however, adore Cosima and want her to be happy. Tatiana Maslany playing a clone playing a clone is generally a highlight of any Orphan Black episode. Sarah walking into that event as Cosima trying to see straight over those adorable glasses – perfection. Like, a good sister-clone and the hustler she is – she played hardball with Leekie to see if maybe she can get her girl a better deal (and like a good girlfriend, Delphine recognizing this almost right away).

What I’m really into from the premiere – is our very own pro-clone Rachel. This gal acts like she’s at the top of the food chain over at Dyad – but as part of the experiment herself she can’t really be running the show (can she?) I want to know how she got there, what she wants – but maybe more importabtly, what’s her game – who’s playing her and who is she up against? Will she make the leap this season and join her sisters against “the man”? Who will is at the end of the endless tunnel of the Dyad Institute – the clandestine power structure to this situation feels like it’s layer upon layer or people who have power until they don’t.. One of my many absolutely insane theories includes Sigourney Weaver stepping out as the head honcho. ‘cmon, It’s Orphan Black, it’s got to be a lady if she’s going to have any real power.

Debatably, Helena was one of the most compelling mysteries of season one. I’m itching to see how she jumps back into the mix of season two. The end of season one left us mourning the loss of Helena, the unwanted clone, the feral one, the one who didn’t know how to play nice with her sisters. Helena was absolutely wild – she infused season one with a frenetic energy. When Sarah, heartbreakingly, told Felix that Helena was just gone we believed her. Orphan Black is already jam-packed with characters, new, returning, clone and non-clone – there seemed to be more than enough to fill the void Helena had left. That being said – I am thrilled that she is back.

Which mysteries brought forward in the season 2 premiere are you most intrigued by – and questions do you desperately want answered? Who do you want to see more of during this season? Which clone do you want to see Sarah Manning impersonate next? 

– S


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