HAVEN Gets a Huge Fifth Season & We Have Feelings


**Fan disclaimer, we’re actually really, truly, thrilled that Haven has been renewed**

This is news that even around episode 10 of s4 we at The Viewing Party would have greeted with unabashed excitement and a 80-email-long thread of fan-girling plus a night of serious theorizing discussion.

That was then – we all felt varying degrees of disappointment with the direction Haven took in the final episodes of season 4 with some of the character elements leaving us cold. We didn’t hate it – we just didn’t feel 100% onboard with where the show was taking us, and that’s okay. It also means that when we saw the news that Haven was renewed for a super-sized 26 episodes, essentially the size of two more Haven seasons, it was greeted with a quiet optimism rather than the obnoxious fanfare described above.

Truthfully, as disclaimed at the top – when it all comes down to it, we’re really excited to be spending another season with Audrey (who/what-ever she may be), Duke, Nathan, and the rest of the Havenites. We’re also hopeful that the show will deliver us some of the delightfully weird, fun, and even painfully (yet totally honest) episodes that we’ve loved in the past.

With all that rambling out of the way… What do you most want to see happen in the next season of Haven?

Season 5 Episodes are set to air beginning fall 2014 on Syfy and Showcase! 

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