Haven 4×09 “William” – The Most Uncomfortable Episode Ever?

Haven 4x09 William Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) William (Colin Ferguson)

We all watched this episode knowing that William’s return would surely shed some light on the show’s deeper mythology and damn – we got a serious dose of that.

What we didn’t expect was how far out of our Haven comfort zone “William” would take us. It took us a while to all process the episode, but the one thing we all shared with each other shortly after viewing was how strange it was, and how weird we felt while watching it. This wasn’t really a negative – it was more like – this was an episode of Haven that didn’t feel like the same experience as watching other episodes of Haven.

In previous posts we’ve talked about how this season has had a darkness to it, and a sense of end game but this – the tone was different, control, gaze and point of view were all warped. It felt all at once necessary and disorienting. In “William”, the ball was in his court – it was illuminating – we saw how he was operating, we started to see behind the curtain of the “why” and the “how” the rules to the troubles have been crumbling. This is exciting – but man, the ick/weird factor was off the charts (though I’m not sure anything will ever top the ickiness of Wade donning a pair of rubber gloves).

What will come next is my attempt to distill the insane notes I took while watching “William”. Mostly reactions in chronological order and a small, (heavily edited for clarity) peek into my brain as I watch an episode of Haven.

  1. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of goons last week. And this week, GOONS right off the bat. This is good
  2. I love Vince calling out the we’ll explain later, (explain now!) which has basically become the mission statement for this season. Although coming from Vince, the kind of keeping the secrets, f-u Vince!
  3. Nooooo Dwight! Don’t get kidnapped, we love you.
  4. Blerg – still not sure how I’m feeling about the soft spots in worlds, local legends style mythology happening here. If it starts to come down to reading the prophesies out of some book I don’t know how on board I can be. I’m thinking Shanshu, etc (Angel fans!)
  5. A box? What’s the box? Is Audrey the box? Is the barn the box? DUKE has the box.
  6. So these two guys, do they spread all the troubles? But what’s their problem?
  7. Back to Dwight as he goes all Black Widow on that interrogation. But not quite as smooth as one Natasha Romanov
  8. Three things about the rescue a) Hunky Dwight is the damsel that needs rescuing b)   priorities coffee & booze c) there must have been a third thing but this scene was so exciting!
  9. Sneaky William, something is up with this guy I don’t believe him.
  10. Is there weird tension between Dwight and Duke. What is that?
  11. Trouble contagion. I don’t know if I like this guy (goon 1). Is he worse than Wade? Maybe.
  12. Goon 1 with Dwight. Is he just 100% fucking with his brain? Does he control brain. Meanwhile, loving that this town isn’t just forgetting about all those people who Wade murdered. Actual humans going missing, especially in a small town is certainly not going  to go unnoticed (gas leak?)
  13. I could not control myself laughing, when William ponders, “These aren’t hands of a farmer.” Do not trust this fella (was he faking then too, what an act!)
  14. Poor frantic Dwight. This isn’t just him. Something is afoot.
  15. duke getting all Malcolm Reynolds, “You try that again and I will end you”
  16. Whoa – did Duke keep the knife? Really, that knife! OH NOES
  17. Augmented realities, mind reading? Yes?
  18. “You seduced me for  my supernatural connection”…well… not really 1000% off base there.
  19. Oh, William, trying to catch up, “in the barn, did we”… no. And Audrey doesn’t even turn around ’cause she is just a damn cool operator.
  20. “I happen to know this because we go kayaking”. Gold.
  21. And Jordan is brought up again. Because for truth, someone who was that important to the characters on the show is not so easily forgotten.
  22.  I like that this episode deals with Duke’s feelings for Audrey in a big way, and how Jennifer isn’t so oblivious to them – even in her weird heightened state. What I really like though, is that Nathan’s rage isn’t directed at Duke, and Duke isn’t at Nathan, it’s like the points of the triangle are connected but the problems are pointed outward.
  23. Crazy theory #12359. Is William a boy Audrey?
  24. You guys, goon 1 smacking his face against the window of the interrogation room. The physical comedy in this one. What. Is. Happening? But more seriously, why aren’t those rooms soundproofed and why did he just warn them?
  25. William, mega creep. This should be a warning for all y’all out there. Any guy who says “special” that many times, creep alert!
  26. Crazy theory #12360 Is William some ancient source of the troubles and Audrey was created to counter him?
  27. Duke – his trouble is gone – but he doesn’t feel free, because he’s not.
  28. Way to go Dwight articulating the balance thing. The troubles, the love triangles, there’s something to this power of 3 business and Dwight’s going to crack it, maybe.
  29. Are those stones all tiny trouble starters? More credence to William being the source?
  30. WHAT?

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