Castle – S is Very Pleased with the Developments in “Like Father, Like Daughter”

CASTLE - "Like Father, Like Daughter" -- Alexis enlists Castle's

I asked and Castle delivered.

When Alexis and Castle hit the road in their Daddy/Daughter crime solving road trip it was as if all my concerns about the show forgetting the value of this dynamic, and the well established character traits, were being addressed. This doesn’t change how I feel about the earlier episodes, but I’m very glad to see the show heading back in a direction I can get behind.

What makes me love this episode, even more than I’m just happy the family dynamic is brought back to the centre of things, is how careful and considerate this episode is of all the character moments that have been built up in the recent, and not so recent mythology of the show.

Presently, Alexis is angry at her dad but never stopped loving him. Rick Castle probably should have handled things differently, and now he’s trying to get back in her good books while trying to get back to where they were before. Castle’s nostalgia for Alexis’s childhood has been a recurring theme in the show. And the really special part of it, is how well the show has captured their relationship as it grows. It acknowledging that it’s never going to be the same because she keeps growing older, and changing. “Like Father, Like Daughter” is an excellent episode that showcases these changes, and Castle reconciling the dual ideas of his baby girl, and the wonderful young woman Alexis has grown into.

Beyond playing to its strengths putting the family dynamics at the fore of the story,  I love that “Like Father, Like Daughter” didn’t leave it as a one note story separate from the rest of the characters, but used the history of relationships in a way that organically ties Alexis into this world with her father, his sort or colleagues, and Beckett, his and wife to be.

In this episode we remember Alexis’s internship with Lainey, and her time helping out Beckett at the precinct. It’s extra valuable because we get to revisit this relationship, and it strengthens our understanding of Alexis’s motivations in solving this case. She’s seen how this amazing team operates and is inspired by it.

Jo, Heather and I had often talked about what a wonderful role model is for Alexis, and how precious their scenes are together. Sharing only moments of screen time, and having all the dialogue together off screen, “Like Father, Like Daughter”commented subtly, and effectively on their long relationship.

With the will they/wont they tension gone since the proposal was accepted, the next stage is really how this is going to work. There has been logistical issues with the living in different cities over the first few episodes, and talk of wedding planning. But the big change is going to be the official merging of the families.

While Beckett has been a part of the family in a certain respect for a long time, and the Castle’s have certainly accepted her – there’s something about the officialness of it that will be different. Understandably, Beckett is anxious about the change. She knows how important Alexis is to Castle, and the tension between them could have been cheap fodder for tension and conflict on a show that’s smoothing out a lot of edges. But gladly, what we’re getting is normal levels of anxiety about change and acceptance. So much more true to the characters we know.

With “Like Father, Like Daughter” ironing out the wrinkles from season 6’s early episodes I’m truly looking forward to more!

What did you think of the conflict and resolution in “Like Father, Like Daughter”?


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