S Wades through the Guilt & Real Talk in Haven’s “Crush”


We’re all loving how quickly things are moving along this season, people are actually communicating situations and secrets and articulating their feelings with alarmingly refreshing frequency.

“Crush”, which I’m comfortable assuming is titled both for the trouble of the week and the crushing guilt Duke, Nathan, and Audrey are all feeling, spent a good deal of the hour getting directly to the heart of the issues affecting each of our main characters.

This feels like an end game episode (regardless of whether or not Nathan was actually shot). So much of the hour dealt with guilt and grief, of the brothers, of Duke, Nathan, and the town attempting to cope with the loss of whatever normalcy Haven once had. Things are changing in a very serious way and really have been since Haven started crumbling at the end of last season. All of that being said, I am endlessly satisfied with the amount of humour that is jam-packed into even the increasingly heavy episodes.

Bringing back the Driscoll family from a completely different, and entirely sympathetic angle was to me, such a great way of seeing how the town, and the troubles have truly changed, since last week’s idea that now troubles are spreading, and Duke’s ability eliminated after *ahem* eliminating Wade, we’re witnessing another entire balancing element become compromised.

“Crush”, was not shy a little bit about bringing the parallels of self-sacrifice in the troubles story to the ongoing conflict of whether Nathan should sacrifice himself, or allow Audrey to sacrifice him for the greater good. I’m going to say it again, I am absolutely loving this straight up, all out, pulling no-punches style of Haven.

As I laughed to myself that Audrey & Nathan were literally making pancakes together after a night of much deserved literal pancake making I also found myself a little irritated that all the little bits of touching, and verbalizing seemed to serve as much as the victory of two characters having something good in their lives, as a reinforcement that Nathan and Audrey are the couple that we’re supposed to be rooting for. Jo & Heather often disagree with me on this point – but I’m always more comfortable with the triangle being slightly more fluid to include the significance of Duke – and even the possibility of future people of importance.

Speaking of Duke – this was a big episode for him. Really, this has been a big season for him. Last week, we at The Viewing party assumed that the loss of Duke’s power would come into play in a big way, somewhere toward the end of the season, so having the consequences come so immediately felt so extremely satisfying. Duke’s reasons for keeping the secret were understandable in the moment for him personally, given his not too long ago status as an outlaw and an ongoing close, but somewhat fraught relationship with Nathan. However, in the scheme of the greater chaos, the idea of creating even more secrets in Haven from a viewers’ point of view, it was frustrating.

Watching Duke struggle with the loss of his brother, but even more with his identity – as a brother, as a Crocker, and as an outlaw that has become something of a perennial hero – was absolutely compelling. This doesn’t make it easier to watch him completely disregard Jennifer’s feelings, but it made sense that he would be taking out his mess of confused feelings on the easiest, and closest targets. He needed to feel like a bad guy and it was an easy shot to take. Plus, it led to Jennifer’s fantastic delivery of, “make up your mind, businessman” as she continues to grow on me.

And just a few more notes:

  • When Duke was leaning in to Nathan who was struggling to breathe I was almost certain there was going to me a CPR situation happening. While there was no mouth to mouth, at least we got a killer heart to heart out of the pair
  • Duke and Jennifer’s kiss was, I admit, adorable. However,in light of the previous scene in which he was discussing his very complicated feelings about Audrey – I couldn’t help but feel that this moment was a little tinged
  • Do Vince and Dave not know how to call ahead, knock, or even let a girl put some pants on before they launch into their shit?
  • I have some concerns about the talk of alternate universes for a couple of reasons. It becomes very tricky territory for shows to handle, particularly if timelines/time travel comes into play. The idea that it might be used as a way to set a reset on some of the heavier events taking place this season is something that I’m …yikes.
  • Why on Earth does the harbinger have to be a horseshoe crab with human eyes? What even is that? It’s both the most terrifying, and cheesiest thing I have ever seen.

We will likely spend the week speculating over whether or not Audrey shot Nathan (we’re leaning quite heavily towards not), and who else may have been shot instead. We also may call in to question the veracity of the prophecies in Vince’s ancient diary. Until then – I may just watch Nathan hopping down the backstairs of the Gull attempting to get his foot in his boot like a teenager sneaking out of his girlfriend’s bedroom on loop.

– S


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