My first major rewatch of the summer season was Haven, if you’re not familiar, this supernatural SyFy series has wrapped up its third season and had begun production on a fourth. It’s a little hokey in places which can be a turn off for some viewers, but for me – well that’s part of the charm. For funsies, and in an attempt to share this lovely show with all of you, I’ve come up with 5 (of the many) reasons you should absolutely catch up on Haven this summer. It’s pretty spoiler-free for those of you who are new and as for you seasoned viewers, we want to hear about your favourite parts of Haven in the comments!

It’s so Canadian

And if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know Canadian content tends to score major points over here at the Viewing Party – although our definition is somewhat more liberal than that of the CRTC. Filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, all but two of the primary actors are Canadian. And while the fictional Haven is in Maine, every inch of the show, including the scenery and the cast of characters that fill out the town, screams coastal Canada.

Everyone Loves Audrey 

…and do you blame them?

This is not the part where I talk about the “strong female character” who wields a gun and saves the day (although she does). This is the part where I talk Audrey Parker, a woman who is a fully formed actual character, who is a woman, and who leads the show. She can be serious, and she can be surprisingly funny at times. She can be scared and she can be desperate because, and this won’t surprise you, the whole damn town seems set-upon refusing this woman a straight answer on just about anything, especially about her own past.

Maybe minor character-type spoilers to those of you who are brand new….

There are shades of Buffy in Audrey. A woman who is “cursed” with the role of saving the world (or a group of people in this case), she didn’t ask for it, she isn’t that kind of hero, but she, and only she has the capability and the obligation to do this. This is a role that has been cast upon her by powers beyond her control. One of the central mysteries of Haven is exploring who Audrey is, and her connection to the troubles. There is something to be said about this trope of supernatural forces taking away a woman’s agency and parts of her free-will and put her in service to fulfilling a “greater good”, but that’s not what this post is about, although it is something that is really interesting to consider while viewing.

It’s a Little Bit Twin Peaks … But Holds its Own

Like Twin Peaks, Haven also takes its namesake from the quirky small town in which the series takes place. It is filled with secrets that unfurl throughout the hour, often raising more questions week to week. Each series plays a long game with the town’s secrets, though Haven maintains self-contained stories (with resolutions!) week-to-week to ease the serial nature of the mystery and make for easy single-serve watching.

All the Ships …and not just the boats

On the coast of Maine there are boats everywhere, and some of them are quite fantastic – but none compare to the ships you’ll find in Haven, Maine. While this aspect of the show takes a while to warm up, by the time you’re into the second season all sorts of different romantic entanglements and fulfilled or otherwise begin to seriously heat up and I’m not just talking about the original triangle (although that does stand). Some strong contenders enter into the game and makes for some seriously exciting tension, and confusing feelings as you find yourself rooting for unexpected pairings.

Nathan’s Truck. 

Is it just us? We are obsessed with Nathan’s ridiculously tall truck. Beyond the fact that it’s completely perfect for his height, and Audrey looks adorable hopping in and out of it.  It’s basically an entire supporting character on the show. I think the truck says a lot about Nathan as a person who has spent a lot of his life isolating himself, between his trouble and his strained relationship with his father it somehow makes so much sense that Nathan would find a truck that he is so connected to. I can’t quite put my finger on it but the way Nathan’s body language works around the truck, it is his trusted companion, it’s like his Serenity, but maybe not quite as extreme.

Now, are you excited for Season 4 yet? Let’s watch the trailer! 


5 Reasons to Watch Haven…if you haven’t already

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