A List of Sci-Fi and Pop-Cultural Allusions & Borrowings in Defiance

H & S just sat down and watched the first episode of Defiance.There was one thing, or shall we say several things, that we couldn’t help but pick up on. That being the many many sci-fi and pop-cultural allusions and references from our other Viewing Party faves.

Firefly/Serenity and BSG Spaceship debris
V Spaceship invasion in the sky over the park
Fringe Invasion in a (Canadian) park
Firefly/Serenity Terraforming
Farscape & BSG Space swear words
Walk the Line & O Brother Country musical interlude
Firefly Scavenging derelict ship
Doctor Who TARDIS console in the ark
Jurassic Park Fast monster in the woods
Star Wars Cantina band and Chewie in the town square
BSG “Defiance!” = “So say we all!”
Sherlock Holmes Nolan’s deductions and man scarf
Romeo and Juliet Teenage lovers from feuding families
Star Wars “Did you just sweetheart me?” Thanks Han Solo
Lord of the Rings & Game of Thrones Big battle on a ledge
The Fifth Element Irisa has Leeloo hair
Star Wars Ewok celebrating party after the battle

Those are just a few that we found. Which references did you spot in Defiance’s pilot episode?


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