Top 5: Castle Episodes of Season 4

While we are still not over the exhilarating events of this year’s season finale, we think it’s about time to take a step back and assess the season as a whole. There were a lot of ups and downs, no doubt about that, but this post will focus on the ups. Here are our five favourite episodes from season 4 of Castle, in order of appearance. Enjoy!

1. “Cops and Robbers” (4×07)

Castle and Martha being held hostage in a bank provided a perfect backdrop for an episode of suspense, meaningful moments, and Beckett badassery. Of course Beckett took it upon herself to rescue Castle from the bank, and their separation reinforced how much they really love each other. From the Castle/Beckett hand-clutch when Kate infiltrates the bank dressed as a paramedic to Beckett’s look of utter disbelief and horror when the building blows up, “Cops and Robbers” gave us all sorts of emotional scenes that kept us going through some of the lesser episodes of the season.

2. “Kill Shot” (4×09)

When a sniper begins killing people in New York City seemingly at random, Kate Beckett must grapple with the lasting impact of her own near-death experience at the hands of a sniper. As she spirals out of control, it becomes clear that the trauma of being shot is an ongoing and crippling problem. This episode addressed PTSD in a believable and respectful way, showing how debilitating and destructive it can be. Stana Katic’s acting was fantastic, and Jon Huertas revealed nuance and depth as Javier Esposito – ultimately the person able to connect with Beckett and help her through the serious implications of her shooting.

 3. “Cuffed” (4×10)

We loved the new level of flirting going on in “Cuffed” that drew heavily from the personal relationship of two of the show’s married writers Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller. Now that Rick and Kate have been honest with each other about their feelings “Cuffed” saw them push the boundaries of their relationship while still attempting to hide behind a wall of humour. This was an episode that relied heavily on physical interactions to both illustrate the sexual tension between Castle & Beckett and provide some much needed comic relief.

4. “An Embarrassment of Bitches” (4×13)

This episode definitely makes the highlight list – after all, we see Beckett and Castle essentially co-parenting! With one of the best guest-actors of the season and cute puppies galore, “An Embarrassment of Bitches” harkens back to the fluffy, funny days of season 2. It is a good, well-rounded ep that encapsulates Castle as a whole: lots of lighthearted fun balanced with just the right number of poignant moments. Plus hand-holding!

5. “Always” (4×23)

Kate Beckett’s mother’s unsolved murder is a looming presence on Castle, and was revisited in the season finale, “Always”. Rooftop battles, confrontations, and near-death experiences ultimately lead to a big-time development on the romance front. Both Castle and Beckett’s declarations of love/desire are heartfelt and well-delivered, and their chemistry is sizzling as they take the next step in their relationship. We were left with a threat on Beckett’s life, but I think everyone’s biggest takeaway was a certain glorious scene that will be watched over and over until season 5 premieres in the fall.

Annnnd one more:

“The Blue Butterfly” (4×14) gets an honourable mention for its outside-the-box concept, character experimentation, and Tamala Jones’s wonderful singing!  Nathan Fillion’s voice and demeanour lent itself to the signature film noir narration and everyone looked gorgeous in their 1940’s getup.

Did we leave out your favourite episodes of season 4?  Share them below!  Surely “Rise” warrants some discussion.  Also, what were your least favourite episodes this season?  The Atlantic City one ranks pretty low on our list…


6 thoughts on “Top 5: Castle Episodes of Season 4

  1. GREAT list. I agree totally. The “Kill Shot” scene between Jon and Stana is one of the best ever. “Blue Butterfly” could make the list for the accents alone! “An Embarrassment of Bitches” had me yelling at my TV for them to stop co-parenting and just parent together…LOL. “Cops and Robbers” made me hate Martha for a moment but she redeemed herself with the cooking which allowed Becket to come over. Plus the scene where Castle tells Beckett she has the perfect partner who helps her solve crimes even as a hostage. “Always” was beyond words and I have watched the end scene at least 200 times…no lie. And “Cuffed”‘s talk of being hitched and doing it next time without the tiger makes me even more excited for season 5. 31 days and counting!

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  3. I think it’s time for an updated, overall favorites list. Obviously there’s a lot in season five to love and since the show has been on it’s mid-season break, I started having withdrawals, and just watched the entire fifth season in two days. I’m in shipper heaven right now and I’m craving more.

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