Castle and Beckett Resurrect Their Romance…and Some Zombies! J on Castle 4×22 “Undead Again”

We’re heading in the right direction, people.  I mean, sure, we’re celebrating the fact that Castle and Beckett are even talking to each other at all, let alone talking about their feelings, but after the last few episodes we’ll take what we can get.  It’s no secret that I was getting a little sick of the constant evading, concealing, and inability to communicate, and I was thoroughly fed up with Castle when he said this would be his last case working with Detective Beckett.  I knew it wasn’t going to prove true, but somehow that made it even more annoying.  Enough already!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can comment on the actual episode.  I felt that “Undead Again” was all about one person knowing better than another and pulling the wool over their eyes.  This plays out in the zombie storyline, but also more significantly in Castle and Beckett’s relationship.  In terms of the zombies, we (or the characters) are fooled into believing that they might actually be the walking undead.  When that theory is debunked, we see the case of one “zombie” being manipulated into committing a crime against his will and without his knowledge.  See: pulling the wool over his eyes.  As for Castle and Beckett, they simply can’t keep up their charade any longer, and there are many layers of the charade: first and foremost is the fact that they’re in love with each other and not acting on it, second is Beckett hiding from Castle that she heard him say he loved her last year, third is Castle hiding his knowledge that she heard him, and fourth is Castle hiding info about Johanna Beckett’s murder and Kate’s shooting (which will most certainly come up in the finale next week).

With all that deception, it was nice to see Castle and Beckett have a moment of true connection and communication at the end of the episode, even if Castle’s face was half-covered in zombie makeup (and there must be a metaphor in there about being halfway there, or beginning to open up but not quite being ready yet).  Despite the makeup, I was still yelling at Beckett to kiss him!  But alas, it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week for that (please please please!).  I think if nothing else, “Undead Again” – and that conversation in particular – set the stage for the high drama, tension, and hopefully lovemaking that we will see in the finale.  Plus the zombie conceit was a comedic way to get Castle back in some elaborate costumes and makeup, and gave the rest of the team a chance to have some fun.  Their reactions to the zombie horde were kind of hilarious.

Other than the final Castle and Beckett scene, their other significant moment took place in the hospital after visiting an unsuspecting murder suspect (no pun intended).  While it annoyed me that they were still using thinly veiled language to beat around the bush and NOT actually talk about themselves, I did really like when Beckett said a person has to feel safe in order to face life-altering moments.  This is a big deal for her because it accounts for much of her hesitation regarding a relationship with Castle.  It encompasses her trust issues, her shooting, her post-traumatic stress, hiding in her mother’s murder, and the concern that Castle’s been divorced twice already.  Therefore, it’s also a big deal that she shared this idea of safety with him.  It’s something that Castle should know if they are ever going to make their relationship work.

Behind the scenes of “Undead Again”

That being said, I think my favourite conversation from “Undead Again” was the one between Castle and Ryan.  When Ryan asks Castle if he actually believes in zombies, Castle reveals that he believes in driving Beckett crazy.  And that, folks, is the moment that the show returned to its old self.  That’s the Richard Castle we know and love, and we see a glint of recognition in his eye that he really doesn’t want to leave the 12th just yet.  Ryan drives this home by commenting on how nice it is to see Castle and Beckett getting along again.  Even when he doesn’t know the whole story, Ryan says the right thing!

Finally, I will say that at first I was really mad at Alexis about laser tag, and although I haven’t particularly liked the trajectory of her character lately, she was redeemed by still wanting to play with her dad.  Again, pulling the wool over his eyes!  I’m glad she is embracing the fun-loving side of the Castle personality.  She’s still her father’s daughter, and next year she’ll be at Columbia, close enough for Castle to annoy when he wants some comic relief.  Although, hopefully he’ll have enough to keep him occupied.  And I do mean Beckett.  Wink wink!

Other things:

  • Protective Castle is simultaneously goofy and sweet.  When facing a zombie horde, he tells Beckett to get behind him, even though she’s the one with police training.  And, you know, a gun.
  • It was nice to see Perlmutter again but where was Lanie?  We hope she’s back for the finale!
  • Loved Castle trying to call for backup in the morgue and not knowing the extension.
  • If you haven’t seen the promos for the finale yet, please go watch them and prepare to hyperventilate!  Can’t wait!

Thoughts and feelings about “Undead Again”?  Overly excited for the finale next week?  Share your innermost Castle musings with us in the comments!


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