Lanie is the Star of “The Limey” (If Only Someone Would Follow Her Advice): J Reviews Castle 4×20

As was to be expected, nothing in the way of relationship advancement happened in “The Limey”.  However, I actually liked this episode better than last week’s for a few reasons, not the least of which is that we got some real character development on the part of Kate Beckett.  While “47 Seconds” followed Castle closely through his childish reaction to finding out Kate’s secret, this week we go home with Beckett, seeing things from her point of view and gaining insight into the character.  I wasn’t happy with the lack of discussion between Castle and Beckett (no surprise there), but watching Beckett grapple with her feelings is far more interesting than Castle pouting about her betrayal.


Lanie was really the best part of this episode in my opinion.  She tells it like it is, and always has.  She’s been aware of the attraction between Castle and Beckett from day one, and has never been shy about encouraging her friend to go for it with “writer boy”.  In “The Limey”, we not only see her supporting Kate, but also confronting her about her feelings for Castle.  And when she does, it doesn’t take long for Beckett to admit to those feelings.  In the course of the initial conversation in Kate’s apartment, this moment happens almost casually, but it’s actually a huge deal for Beckett!  She has been denying her feelings and declaring she isn’t ready for ages, so the fact that she owns up to being crazy about Castle is a really big step for her.

She spends the rest of the episode trying to find an appropriate moment to tell Castle how she feels, but this endeavour isn’t made easier by the presence of Castle’s blonde airline stewardess date or his dismissive manner.  Jeez, Castle, get over it!  You’ve got a strong, intelligent, passionate woman who is completely in love with you right in front of your eyes, and contrary to how you may be acting, you’re completely in love with her too!  Just talk to Beckett about it!  But no, of course that didn’t happen.  Even when Beckett tries to have a real conversation with him, he hastily brushes her off.  But more on that later.

Castle and Beckett spend a lot of time apart in “The Limey”, which gives Beckett some time to get to know the handsome British import from Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Colin Hunt.  While he may or may not be trying to put the moves on Beckett, she really only has eyes for Castle.  Still, it was fun to see her looking swankified and beautiful in her evening gown as she and Colin go undercover.  Castle is suitably gob-smacked when he sees her, but I love that Ryan and Espo were ogling her too – they are both adorable puppy dogs when it comes to their teasing but fiercely protective love for Beckett.

Stunning as Beckett looked, she was also kind of awkward on Colin’s arm.  It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with him, especially because this is normally the kind of stunt she and Castle would pull together.  In fact there’s a whole range of Becketts in this episode that we haven’t seen for a while: awkward Beckett (she’s just not herself with the Brits), annoyed Beckett (re: Castle’s blonde “bimbo”), tentative Beckett (“Castle, is everything okay?”), and emotionally ready Beckett (I don’t think we’ve seen this one since the season 2 finale).

I didn’t really care too much about the case of the week or the spy/intrigue storyline…I was mostly waiting for the next Beckett scene to see what would be revealed.  There was a really nice conversation between her and Lanie (Dr. Parish is on a roll!) in the morgue in which the sassy M.E. tells Kate to take advantage of the time she has with Castle.  I like how references to each of their respective jobs came up in both their conversations.  At the beginning of the episode, Lanie tries to assuage her friend’s fears of telling Castle how she feels by saying that Kate hunts down murderers for a living.  This is true, of course, but it once again highlights the many layers of the Beckett onion: she has no problem being powerful, determined, and kickass when it comes to criminals but matters of the heart are much more difficult for her.  She is vulnerable in this regard and it’s nice to see that every so often.  Then in their second conversation in the morgue, Lanie uses her job as an M.E. to illustrate how her patients thought they had all the time in the world to seize the day, but ended up dead in one way or another.  All this to say that Beckett should just grab the bull by the horns and make the first move with Castle.

This is why the final scene was so maddening.  Beckett blows off handsome British dude’s offer of a drink so she can finally have the talk with Castle and, in true jerky fashion, Castle tells her he doesn’t have time for her and leaves to meet his date.  Beckett is understandably surprised but it’s not jealousy we see.  It’s confusion and disappointment.  The end of the episode naturally left me frustrated, but really my question is this: how many times can this show use the same infuriating getting-into-an-elevator-while-leaving-the-other-person-heartbroken device?  The creators seem determined to find out.

Other things:

  • I find it kind of funny that whenever there’s a male British character on a show like this, he will inevitably be named Colin, Nigel, or Hugh.
  • We missed having Martha in this episode, but Lanie’s awesomeness served as a kind of proxy.
  • Colin’s English accent was definitely questionable.  Maybe it’s because the actor who played him is actually an Aussie, but it sounded like a mix between Cockney, South African, and Australian.
  • JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER LIKE ADULTS!  (That needed to be reiterated.)

Thoughts on “The Limey”?  Do you think Kate made the right decision to call Colin at the end and ask him out for a drink?  Will Castle come to his senses soon, or will the writers leave their sexual tension unfulfilled?  Are you still on board with the Castle-Beckett tease, or have you had enough?


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